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so what is your favorite sport?

the one that answers the best will recieve 10 points

u have to explain y

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    Skeet shooting.

    It's like golf, except that the hole is flying through the air, and you have blow the hell out of it with a big-*** shotgun.

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    Every other team sport needs it's players to work together but can isolate themselves with the defense to achieve a score from another player. If you want to score/succeed in football, every player has to do his/her part on each and every play.

    I love to run, throw, catch, and get physical/block. Personal success is great but not as difficult as team success. Plus, there are only a few team sports where you pray to God you make it out alive/in one piece while enjoying "just a game".

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    Fast paced game that combines high speed action and lots of scoring and physical gameplay.

    Combines the stradegy of basketball, the physical demands of football, and the conditioning of soccer.

    I have played nearly every sport; and I must say lacrosse is the best.

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    golf because it is a fun relaxing (sometimes) sport. people always judge it before they even play. its def one of the hardest sports you will ever play. its fun having a challenge that you can fix in a matter of 5 min. somedays youll be great and shoot par other days you can play even BETTER but shoot a lot worse. theres a lot of luck involved and a lot of talent. its just a fun sport overall!


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    i have a tie....

    #1 Swimming....i swim on the sea otters in maryland, all my friends are there, it keeps me in shape. i love the feel of the water and the. Smell of chlorine, and the great feeling of winning and doing your best.its so fun too!

    #2 Skiing!....I'm also a skier. i love the air rushing by and the cold. I'm pretty good too!

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    Rugby. A ruffians game played by gentlemen. A game that are played in heaven.

  • football is my favorite brings out the wild side in fans and players alike

  • Well i love playing soccer and basketball and then i love watching football

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    1 decade ago it and so does my girl....we do a lot of sport together and it keeps our relantionship healthy as well

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    all other sports suck! skateboarding is da best!

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