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What's an average price for apartment rent in Greece?

For example, in KIFISSIA, a northern suburb of Athens?

Or how about the rent price in ATHENS itself, if you're not sure about Kifissia?

Also, what is the average monthly price for utilities (water, electricity, etc.)?

Thanks!! :)

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    dont ask!!!! Accept the offer from your collegue.

    seriously around 600€+200€ utilities (depending on how much you talk on the phone).

    Rent depends on where around kifisia. nea erithrea, marousi, pefki, kato kifisia, nea kifisia are less expensive but I dont think you will find something for less than a year.and unfortunately thre are a few small apartments in the area!

    Source(s): grew up there
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    Kifissia is the most expensive suburb of Athens. I would expect the rents to be around 1000-1500 euro for a nice 2 bedroom flat( half of that for a smaller flat with one bedroom and one living room). The same applies for Kolonaki, the most expensive neighbourhood in the centre of Athens.

    But in other areas you can find cheaper rents, I mean in Kallithea, which is not a bad suburb and it is well connected with the train, you can rent a good-sized flat for 300-500 euro. Same as Ampelokipi, as another answerer told you.

    Allow 200 euro maximum per month for bills, electricity, water, heating, etc.

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    I leave in Municipality of Athens at the region Ampelokipi,in a 2 room apartment(bedroom&small living room,the cuisine and the bathroom/toilet are taken for granted) and I pay a 350 Euros rent,which is considered for a strange reason more than ok.In the eastern/nothern suburbs,you won't find such small apartments but mostly bigger ones(3-4-5 rooms) for even a 1000 Euros rent or cottages/detached houses/maisonettes even bigger,but if you do find one that small,its rent will be about 450-500 Euros.I pay about 90 Euros per month for electricity/heat(petrol)/water and another 120 for telephone(including cell phone) ,so that's just about it... :(

    In regions which ministries or big hospitals are near like Ampelokipi and Ellinorosson, Goudi ,Ampelokipi ,Elyssia, Municipality of Holargos or worst,regions that are near universities,like Zografou,Pagrati,Vyronas,Exarchia,Aegaleo(which means that the people who work at those ministries/hospitals or the university students,must live near their work/university),the rent prices are unexpectably high for Greece.

    In my homeland Serres,Macedonia,North Greece,a 80000 people town with 5000 university students,the rent for a 3 room apartment is about 200 Euros or even less! In Komotini,Thrace,N.Greece,a 40000 people town which has a large university community(15000 students) a 2 room apartment rent is about 400-450 Euros or even more!So,you got the picture...

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    in Kifissia you can run into much higher rent than in parts of Athens. I sat down one year while over there and the relatives there I visit helped me figure out that in a small apt and all probably I could live ok on around 850 to 1000 euros a month. It just all depends on how you budget, where you live and the expenisve life style you want.

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    interior the realm i stay (no longer going to tutor) the a million bedroom is @ $800-$900 and a couple of mattress @1200-1500 yet because you probably did not factor out nor city and state i'd not comprehend the $ amt on your section

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