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My Zebra Finches eggs hatched!?

My zebra finches eggs just hatched, they keep pusing it out of the nest! Also is it possible that after the eggs hatch...what are the possible ways it could die because it has the yolk sac which should keep them live for a few days right??????

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    Get them to a vet. NOW. You could kill these precious little works of creation. And plus they're really cute. =)

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    Incubation for zebra finches is around 14 days. you are able to candle them and in the event that they have been my eggs i might do it to get a clue on what is going on, yet opportunities are high in the event that they have not hatched in 5 weeks the eggs are unlikely to hatch. there are various reason the eggs did not hatch. The eggs could not have been fertile or the chick(s) died interior the shell. troublesome to assert.

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