How do we Shape or inform our Identity?

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    I think we create our individual ego-centered identities through our language and actions. We understand everything in terms of metaphors, and our identity as individuals tends to be in synch with the metaphors we live by. One examples of a metaphor that we use to build our identities is "life as a journey" (also thought as a journey, etc). We "get lost", "wander off the path", find ourselves "going in circles", and so on. The basic point is that who we are depends to a large extent on how we see ourselves, and how we see the world, and metaphors are the lenses that shape our conceptual "vision". If you study almost any spiritual tradition, you will find techniques that are meant to help you change your metaphors by changing the sorts of language you use to describe your self and the world. So, for examples, you will find essays on "the power of positive thinking", "the power of prayer", the chanting of mantras, etc. We change who we are by changing the kinds of words that we use, and the ways in which we use them.

    We have no substantial identity that lasts throughout our lives. Rather, our identity consists of an on-going process in which our behavior follows patterns based on the patterns that are implicit in the metaphors by which we understand our lives. If you want to be a more compassionate person, you can learn different prayers and meditations designed to open your capacity for compassion. If your are sincere in what you do, and persist in your effort, these techniques are virtually certain to work. Of course cult leaders can use these same techniques to "brainwash" their followers into believing almost anything, and becoming whatever sort of person they want. This would be an example of the power of thoughts/metaphors put to exploitative use. The key is to be your own "cult leader" and channel your thoughts to bring out the aspects of personality that you want to develop for yourself.

    We inherit most of our concepts, but we are not limited to what we inherit. The "poet" within each of us can create new ways for each of us to be.

    Source(s): Some books that discuss this sort of thing include: "Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity," by Richard Rorty "Metaphors We Live By" by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson (and other books by them) This webpage gives a very simple introduction to the idea of metaphors shaping our life:
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    nicely, I examine a psychology/sociology magazine as quickly as that stated this very undertaking. Its been 2 years, so i do no longer undergo in strategies or additionally be responsive to if i will discover the link to it. in fact what it mentioned, became into that the explanation why the first public of human beings choose how stable a individual is by utilising their visual charm, and why a individual needs to pass out with (and finally marry and function young little ones) is via the fact beautiful human beings stay extra suited. Now, permit me clarify this somewhat. What it potential, is that 2 human beings of equivalent potential and potential, could collectively stay to tell the story in existence, while given the situations, yet while one in all them is grotesque and the different is seen beautiful, then the gorgeous one would be frequently nicely-known. additionally, persons have an interest in beautiful human beings because of the fact in the event that they are waiting to have young little ones with that individual, then the prospect of one of their young little ones being beautiful, are severe. for this reason, the youngster would be taken care of extra suited in existence when you consider that he seems extra suited. Now, that's trouble-loose human fundamentals. the main trouble-loose objective of guy (human it is) is to stay and reproduce, so human beings do notwithstanding it takes to insure that their young little ones have the perfect hazard at surviving. So if beautiful persons are taken care of extra suited, then a individual could opt for to have an beautiful youngster, so as that their hazard of living is larger. time beyond regulation, human beings understand that what a individual is like on the exterior, could no longer rather teach how they are in the interior, for this reason we are saying "its no longer whats on the exterior that counts, yet whats in the interior". although, the actuality of the undertaking is that folk with the stable seems, would be taken care of extra suited in society. additionally, no count how complicated we are saying we could desire to continuously no longer choose human beings by utilising seems, all of us choose human beings by utilising their seems, era. some try this extra advantageous than others however, on a similar time as others do it under others. Its no longer something to be ashamed approximately, because of the fact its human nature. end: Judging human beings by utilising seems is human nature. continuously have, and continuously will.

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