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looking for an easy, populer first song to learn on the guitar.?

I'm starting to learn the guitar and I am trying to do it on my own... so I'd like to learn some songs that would be realitivly easy for someone just starting out to learn, but always something that I would know and enjoy playing. Dave, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Maroon 5, classic rock (60's and 70's), Nirvana.... really lets just say anything thats been populer in the last 40 years or so. I just don't know what I'm doing so I couldn't say what I would have a better chance learning early on.

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    1st song I learned was the Beatles' "Let It Be". Simple chords. Dead easy, familiar & fun.

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    Try one of the "La Bamba" variations.

    Rhythm is simply "C-F-G" chords, repeating:

    C: x-3-2-0-1-0

    F: 1-3-3-2-1-1 (put your index finger over the whole first fret, that's called "Barring")

    G: 3-5-5-4-3-3 (same hand position as the "F", just slid down 2 frets)

    Intro is pretty easy to find on one of the tab sites. It'll be confusing for a while, but stick with it. Take some inexpensive lessons if you can (look at community colleges too!) and find people you can jam with to try and figure things out. Good luck!

    For basic chords, check the site below.

    Source(s): www.chordfind.com
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    The first songs that I learned to play was postmortem and raining blood by Slayer. Which to this day I still use as a warm up before playing. But I see that you're not into that type of music so... maybe not.

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    Play any Beatles song, they have really easy chords and they are REALLY popular!!! (ever since Beatlemania hit). The chords are so easy because they didn't really know chords. They started out just by learning one chord at a time on the streets!

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    When I first started playing the guitar, I played alot of songs by the beatles. Their songs for the most part use basic chords that can easily be looked up.

    Hope this helps :D

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    Smoke on the water by deep purple. always an easy song to learn.

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    7 Nation Army by the White Stripes.



  • well if you know metallica an easy song that is enjoyable and easy is fade to black. i play a little guitar myself and by far that was the easiest one to learn. good luck.

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    Me and Bobby McGee. Key of G. G C D Couldn't be simpler

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    Sounds Stupid, but the first song i learned was twinkle twinkle little star. smoke on the water is probably your best choice. it's super easy!

    Source(s): my guitar teacher
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