have u ever felt lonely before??as if u r dying with no love in your life?

i am diabetic since i was a kid,i am in my early thirties now,one night my car broke down so i had an important business place to go so i rided the bus,midway i got hypoglycaemia (happens all the time)but this time i ate some chocolate and after that for first time i realized i am a lonely man ,i have family but no love and its really got to me that night ,especially when i saw couples and ppl in love with kids in the bus..i dont want sympathy but has anyone evr felt same and can tell there story???thanks

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    Ure not alone, my bf broke up with me, and now its like im dyin of loneliness, it just freakn hurts so much, no one to love you, yea i always see couples kissin and holdin hands and stuff and everyday i wish that was me, i get so depressed sometimes, it gets me all teary, i kno i can love alot, i just have no one to love and i hate that feeling.

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    In my opinion childhood onset type I diabetes is a monster. Because of how well the new insulins and oral agents work now compared to the early substances, society pretty much thinks this problem is whipped. There is very little counseling, relatively poor follow up and many folks like you fall through the cracks. I say this because it seems that you are in the thrall of glycemic reaction one way or the other. Either hypo or hyper you are a victim of your body's inability to deal with sugar. We forget that the brain lives on sugar created by the body from the ingestion of food. How amazingly difficult it must be to try to keep a clear head when your brain is trying to function in an environment which offers it either too much or too little of what it needs? My passion for this subject, even though I am not diabetic stems from the loss of my best friend at college who took his own life during a diabetic depression. Please, if you do nothing else, seek out a sympathetic endocrinologist to balance your needs medically. But please add to that a search for folks with similar needs. There are scads of them so you must not feel alone. Suggest http://www.diabeticnetwork.com/community/ as a start. You can be in charge of this I promise you. Might take a bit of work but DON'T GIVE UP!

    Source(s): Personal experience and http://www.diabeticnetwork.com/community/
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    I think that most of us feel that way- even if we supposedly have "love" in our life- the world is not the way it used to be years ago- even friendships don't stay the same as they were when you were growing up-lives are too busy and chaotic to keep in touch- some of us came from dysfunctional families and can't (or don't want to) associate with each other- so if you truly have the love of your family- be grateful for that- and then remember- every day of your life is part of a journey- and you never know what awaits you around the bend- and if you live your life right and believe in yourself as worthwhile individual- that will reflect and someone will see it and believe it also and you will get the love you seek-

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    i know what you mean i asked the same question on my page. im 15 i never had a BF and that's just not normal well atleast not where i live because everyone had had a bf by the tenth grade and i havent so i may be feeling a little lonely but i know im loved not by some boy not by some person on this earth but by GOD and that i what keeps me moving through my DAY MONTH AND YEARS so i give you this advice even at my young age im sure of two things GODS LOVE AND TAXES! LOL

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    I can so relate to you. i feel the same way. i Hide myself from the world because of it. i always see my friends with their other partner and are jelous of them so i hardly hang out with them. as each day go on i wonder whats wrong with me. I'm not ugly or anything i get complements all the times is just i cant find that niche i'm looking for. Be patience and give it some time evenutally the feel will go away and you'll find love somewhere. stop looking let it find you. do things to get ur mind off it. sports clubbing take up fishing or something.

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    Lonely??? I'm not lonely. I've been loved by every one in San Diego.

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    i feel the about same, but i wont tell my story, it's too personal

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