Okay, i dont like this grl and she thinks we are like bffs.

shes a real witch and so to get back at her, me and my friends decided to hack into her email and delete everything. I know what i did was rong so please dont give me a lecture. She found out it was me because i sent an email to all my friends telling them what i had done. Please dont tell me to tell the truth, because her mom is like a teacher at my school... and well that wont really work... so please help me come up with a really good excuse for what i did!!!



well the update is she doesnt think it was me, she thinks its of my good friends!

again, i cant tell the truth,

i need a good lie

just please help me and give me a good lie


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    that's ignorant , ur a *****, but whats done is done so just keep denying it ur good as long as they can't prove it

  • 4 years ago

    you may call- a million 800 273 communicate-24 hour counselors. Get help so as which you would be able to consult from an grownup. many human beings have your difficulty. you have a objective here in the international. you would be brave and tell an grownup and ask for help bc you want a knowledgeable man or woman to comprehend a thank you to suited assist you to.no longer in basic terms absolutely everyone. I additionally discover it unusual at here whilst youthful females are having severe issues that adult men with motor cycles etc look to ensue and say e mail me. i do no longer think of they have any scientific care suggestion.

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