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POEM I wrote...?

"The day's just beginning, you see the girl you love, you don't know what to do or say, you're friends, you talk to eachother everyday, on the phone, computer, etc, you're walking with her, talking, laughing, having the time of your life, the sun hits ya, you smile at her she smiles at you, it's time to say goodbye, you hug and walk off, you're walking, past places where we played as kids, later you talk to eachother, time's ending, you say you'll see eachother tomorrow, you know what, you're in goddamn love, is there anything else better in the world"



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    You know...that is really good. I write too. I published a couple of my poems in books. We should definitely get together and talk some...

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    I have put many of my feelings on paper and sent them to and I would never belive in my life time that ones feelings and whole life history could change peoples point of look towards a person. I say ya there in love and the story of true love just begins

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    well that is a very good poem, except of course some grammar errors, lol

    but id take out "goddamn" beacuse that is going to piss off soem of ur readers, like me, who believe that God's name shouldnt be used is vain.

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    i like it!

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