how do you change a starter in a 1981 grand prix?

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    Start buy locating a service manual, read it 2 or 3 times, disconnect your battery negative cable and start the work. Be very careful. When you complete the work and re-attach your battery don't be surprised if the engine runs a little funny at first, the computer looses it memory and needs to be driven for a few minutes. Good Luck.

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    We are talking about a 1981 car here. Forget about the computer stuff.

    Step by step here we go....

    1. Disconnect the negative (black) (ground) battery cable from the battery.

    2. Jack the right side of the car up enough to get under neath and support on jack stands.

    3. Locate the starter (right rear of engine just in front of bell housing. (Black cylindrical object about 4" in diameter and 10" long.)

    4. Remove the three bolts that attach it to the bell housing.

    5. Drop it down and remove the battery cable and solenoid power lead noting where lead is connected.

    6. Remove starter unit.

    Reassembly is the reverse.

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    do it just like yes man said, use 2 jack stands, get it up so you have some room, wipe off the area , get a good look and make a note of the wires, 9/16 & 5/8 wrench, and one small 3/8 for the small termanel , this is not a hard job , this is the important part, get the phone book out and find a business tha only repairs alternators and starters , some sell batteries too,you will save half the cost dealing with this guy , drop it off and go have lunch and return , get your starter back , pay about 40bucks,

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    I have my mechanic go buy a new one and put it in. I am not climbing under that nasty dirty old car. I have lackeys for that now.

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  • 1 decade ago

    pull out the spark plugs and the radiator...idk

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