i am afraid of swimming in the deep areas of pools and beaches. Afraid of diving. and men. Am I still normal?

Well. because of all the pedophiles and stuff...


I know how to swim but first of all I dont have the right boyuancy - I SINK! and I am very light btw, and I know how to swim but it gives me the creeps

Update 2:

I know how to swim but first of all I dont have the right boyuancy - I SINK! and I am very light btw, and I know how to swim but it gives me the creeps

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    Being afraid of swimming in deep water is completely normal! There is literally a neurological disadvantage to people who dont swim often when they are in the water... swimmers who use similar movements more often feel more comfortable moving the water around them, thus giving them a better "feel" for the water. The most applicable cliche I can come up with is that swimming is like riding a bike... in water. Its a steady process that doesnt require much physical conditioning, but becoming comfortable with the water is essential. I would advise swimming in water that is just a little bit too deep for you too stand in, so if you become unsure of yourself, you can bounce your way back to a more desirable area... in time you will see that swimming in 7 feet deep water is the same as swimming in 70 feet deep water. Your brain and the rest of your muscular nervous system will become more acquainted with the feel of water, and you will be swimming like a fish in no time!

    As for the men, that is more of a personal feeling. A lot of that comes from self-image. if you feel comfortable around men in a swimsuit, then talk to them as you would a girlfriend or family member, avoiding any aggressive tone that might take the conversation in a bad direction. Just relax. If you meet every man with the expectation that he is a pedophile, then you will only notice things that prove your suspicions right. Give him the benefit of the doubt and realize how slim a chance there is that you will encounter a pedophile and be foolish enough to make yourself vulnerable to him.

    Sorry to babble... hope you'll find something worthwhile in there.

    Source(s): Swimmer since age 2. Competitive Swimmer since age 4. Current YMCA Age Group National Recordholder.
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    Swim in the shallow water without touching bottom. This will build your confidence and you will learn that you do not need to be able to touch bottom to get around in the water. Time yourself while holding your breath, in or out of the water, by counting to yourself. Measure the distance you can swim underwater. Once you can swim 50 feet underwater, in the shallow area, you will also have the ability to swim 25 feet down and then 25 feet up. I have to build my confidence in the water after a long period without swimming, and that is how I do it. I hope you can overcome your fear of men. I wish I could help you with that.

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    Hmm..I have a friend who loves the beach but is deathly afraid of going too far in and can't swim. She also has this fear of deep ends in pools. It's normal. You can't help what you're afraid of, you just have to attempt to ease yourself around such things.

    If you're afraid of men, that's understandable when you consider pedophiles, but there are plenty of guys your age. Try talking to them as friends first - I bet you'll find someone you like. And a lot of guys out there can prove to be better friends than girls.

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    If you can swim it dont matter how deep the water is. if you can swim in 7 feet you can swim in 10 feet.

    and men, thats ok if they look like a creepy purv.

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