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If I am on any computer other than my own, and I open up infected e-mail (the mail contains a Virus) does it?

infect my computer at home? I know this sounds stupid but I am always getting virus' even wihen I buy software to prevent it. Oh, how can I tell if I downloaded something on to a flash drive or cd, or floppy if it is infected?. Cost me a bundle to D'bug my computer and would like to keep it safe. Any suggestions? Seriously if you know how to keep a computer clean I would love to hear your suggestions. My X ol' man used to spend at least an hour a day checking and downloading anti-whatever wear, and I don't think that computers are supposed to use up our time, I thought they were supposed to save us time. I guess I am niave as I thought computers were like the President of the United States, that they were both supposed to be working for us!

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    You can always get your antivirus to scan the download before you open it. But unfortunatly you do need to download it on to your computer. Most viruses do not become active until you open it. So all you need to do is right click on the download and select Scan with (whatever antivirus software you are running)

    This will tell you if you have a virus before you infect your whole computer. I hope this helps you

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    First, whatever computer you are on is the victim - no matter where your email is stored. Once you move the virus-enabled file (music, picture, email, document), the next computer that gets that info is now infected.

    Second, if you download an email or document or whatever that is infected, to a flash drive, or burn to CD you can usually right click on the document (picture, etc) in Windows and most (not all) anti-virus programs will have a 'scan this file" (or similar). I'd suggest you use that before copying it.

    Third, your ex was probably looking for not just viruses, but malware - anything like bots, or nasty hidden files that hackers and spammers like to hide on your machine. At minimum you should run something like spybot S&D ( or Spywareblaster ( in addition to an Antivirus program like McAffee or Norton or others. - many of which will hook into your email system so you don't have to spend a ton of time watching and protecting. Its usually a 1x a week cleaning that you should do - just to keep your system protected.

    Best of Luck

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    you need a firewall which prevents most of things from getting through. you also need anti-virus and yes you need to scan every so often. computers wouldn't take up so much time if there weren't people out there sending out malicious software. so blame them. if you open the e-mail on another computer, it won't affect your computer. but the e-mail will still be there waiting. so when you get on your computer - delete the e-mail and do not open it! with most anti-virus software you can chose what drives to scan which includes flash and cd drives. good luck!

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    it really is likely a bot on your computer that has hijacked your messenger. pass ahead and modify your passwords, then run an endemic test on your computer. If it really is in effortless words coming type one buddy, then probability is his is the only being contaminated, and he ought to do an similar.

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    No, only the computer you are on.

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