i like this guy and i want to have sex w/him...should i just plain tell him straight out or not?

we have been speakn online and i really like him but he doesn't know and i think he might have a clue...so i ask him 2go out this weekend...and he says how he is busy thursday but to come by anyways and how friday he is busy but saturday might be free and sends me and invitation to somewhere and i tell him i wanna go and if he wants to go too and doesnt answer me back why???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Whoa! You met him on line and on your first date you want to have sex? Are you crazy? You don't even know anything about this guy and that should be enough to scare anyone. He could be a bad guy or a killer. Why you believe everything he told you on line? First of all if you decide to meet him, do not go to his apartment; or invite him to yours; meet him at a diner where there are other people. Then size him up and if there is any inkling of weirdness get out of there fast. Also, under no circumstances should you even consider having sex with this guy right away. He could have aids or a sexually transmitted disease. What is your problem? Are you that desperate? Don't give sex away like that..have some self respect.

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