Where do I find wholesale brand name / designer companies?

I am looking for authentic Coach, True Religion, Gucci, Louis Vuitton items for wholesale prices. Where do I find wholesale distributers? What companys are willing to get rid of their older items for wholesale?

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    Mandy there is lots of companies that specialize in this market and its very hard to break into.

    You could try the manufactures of these items as they only make so many for the client and you will be able to buy similar products from them for less.

    We use a company based in Canada for our business both here in New Zealand and abroad for wholesale contacts. It has lots of manufactures from all over the globe looking to sell their products globally.

    http://www.toboc.com/ Its free to join but you are limited to what you can do on a daily basis. The paid option is very expensive but in my eyes well worth it.

    Another place to go is


    We have this contact list and I would be lying if I said we used every week but we would use it 8-9 times a month. Very good to deal with.

    Try "tradekey" as well another trade contact site. Not as good or as well known as toboc but very handy.

    And "Alibaba.com" Same as above

    Hope that helps you out a bit.

    If you want help with building a site feel free to e-mail me


    All the best to you

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    your best bet would be to check out:


    They are not only top rated but also provide 100s of wholesale providers for every niche and category.

    Best wishes


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    You can find many wholesalers selling brand names at salehoo , http://www.salehoo.com/?aff=basimdcs&type=clothing , its a good marketplace

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    2nd hand shops or goodwill

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