only serious answers you know about MS?

My hand and right arm have been tingly for 3 weeks straight

when I wake up each day, and I have been very tired lately-

Someone told me it could be MS, I am really worried-

Does anyone have MS,do you know what the symptoms are?

what test does a doctor do to find out if you have it?

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    I'm a nurse. It sounds like something else however it is hard to diagnose without a complete medical history. The tingling is a sign of poor blood circulation. You could be tired due to a lack of iron in your body. You can get OTC iron pills generic will work too. Make an appointment to see the doctor, blood test and x-rays maybe even MRI/CAT scan may too be preformed. Try not to worry until you actually get the results. Take care and I wish you all the best.

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    I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age sixteen. I'm 21 now and I still don't know what it is. The right side of my body was numb for over a week when I first went to the drop-in clinic that eventually got me diagnosed. I later learned it was an exascerbation and they have to last more than 72 hours (nonstop). I have not had another since. It took an MRI to get me diagnosed, but there are other methods. There are a lot of conditions that make your hands tingle, so you shouldn't freak out it's MS. That someone you spoke to must simply have recently read about MS or knows someone that has the disease. Honestly, I was not freaked out during the 10 months it took to get my diagnosis. I was sick of the medical staff and I just felt that no amount of wishing would change the results. It is a chronic illness, but there are so many treatments now that most people can live "normal" life.

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    my mother was recently diagnosed with ms she had the tingling in her hands and feet another girl i know that has ms got really sick and couldn't walk she didn't have the tingling different people have different symptoms the tingling in your hands could come from stress they do several tests they do a MRI a spinal tap they draw blood the best thing for you to do is get tested

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    My ex mother-in-law had it. I didn't know her when she was diagnosed, but she couldn't move her arm & leg on one side. But she was in her 60's.

    But you know, she still cooked, and drove her car. She was a trooper.

    Definitely see your doctor. I have a similar problem, but my doctor told me as far as he knows from my history, it's just poor circulation. I sometimes end up laying on my arm or hand wrong. He says some people need to put their hand in a brace at night when they sleep.

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