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A normally pigmented woman & an albino man have 4 normally pigmented children and 1 albino child? What is the woman's phenotype? where "A" is normal pigmentation and "a" is albino

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    Gregor Mendel was the first man who cam up with genetics...

    he invented an object called a punit square

    he discovered genetics with pea plants

    anyway a punted square basically shows you what there genes are and how they are made

    anyway a capital letter is "dominant" allele meaning it will survive and show up over a "recessive" allele..

    basically "A" dominant will show up over a recessive "a"

    ____A___a <mothers fathers genes if moms dad was not albino


    A _| AA | Aa |<=== these (Aa)could also be the mother


    a_-| aA | aa |<=== this is albino NOT MOM


    /\ ....../\

    |.......This (aA)could be the mom

    mother's moms genes

    sorry its a little messy


    so Aa

    or aA

    should both work to produce a normal skin colored mother

    who can produce albino children just depends which A (or a) you want to come first

    Source(s): Mr. Wilson's sixth grade science... Best teacher ever
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    well they will have 3 normally pigmented children and 1 albino child. The woman's phenotype is her outside appearance. Which is pigmented. The Genotype would be Aa if they have any albino children. Because albino is recessive and having a capital A would mean that they are pigmented.

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    Her phenotype would be "Aa." If it were two "A"s then all the children would bear the normally pigmented trait and no children would have albino traits displayed. Of course, this is assuming that your large letters mean dominate and the little letters recessive.

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