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does she like me? long story plz answer?

were in high school she is new at school and we talk once... i started the conversation saying its cold outside when she was about to go outside and get a snack out of the snack machine... and i stayed inside by myself and she comes back in and starts to talk to me... we talk about our school history and religion. She told me she lives with her grandmother and she goes to this big church... she told me she used to go to private school and she had to wear a dress and she didn't like it... so she now goes to the public school... she also said that our class feels like it's summer school... are conversation ended when are 10 min break was over and back to work... i was leaving early right when break was over... she told me she was leaving in 2 hours... anyways, she said she was a loser and she walk back to class and I told her no your not... and that was it we both walk away and headed in different directions.... i thought the conversation was going good, but she was doing most of the talking... why do you think she called her self a loser for? she sound kinda serious when she called her self a loser... maybe she thought i was bored with our conversation... Next day in class I was doing my work and this girl ask for a piece of gum and the girl im interested was sittin behind me and she ask for a piece too. I gave both of them a piece and the girl i'm interested said i'm sorry for bothering you and I said that's alright. I was going to say something than she puts her head down and goes back to work. She didn't have any friends when she was new now she has 1 that's really her true friend which he's gay btw. Anyways when she walks past me she won't even look at me. I hate when a girl ignores you like that. I'm not gonna talk to her unless she looks at me because to me that just seems like she doesn't want anything to do with me. I don't really know her that well, but i think she been acting weird. The class was on break so almost everyone goes outside and gets some fresh air and some stay inside by the door and waits for break to be over. The guys and I stay inside and wait for break to be over while the girls go outside and get some fresh air. I saw her talking to this guy outside and she anyways break was just about over and the girl comes inside and she kinda shouts to the guys if the door was lock. The guys said yea and than she seem like she had an attitude sayin in a rude way i'm going right back outside and goes right back and talks to the guy. Then I went outside and told her the door is now open and she ignore me like she didn't hear me. Maybe she really didn't. She was still talking to the guy. And few minutes later she comes inside and im right there and she didn't look at me. Then she goes back in the class and im still in the hall. So she gets out of class takes out her cell phone and calls her mother. And she goes outside and talks. The guy that she was talkin to was still out there. As soon as there conversation was over she said peace out to him. She could of ask me if the door was lock. I mean I was right next to her when she said it. I haven't went to school for 4 days, but I went today and we both made eye contact for about 3-4 seconds, but her friend was right by the door when i walk in the class... so idk... than as we went on break she was waiting right by the door and i think she was looking at me to see if i would talk to her... but i didnt i walk right past her... i heard her outside yelling on the phone probably a family member... i was inside... i could hear her yelling cause i was right by the outside door... than she came inside cause it was cold outside... she talk on the phone across from me for about 2-3 minutes... than she went right back outside and talk... when she was done talking on the phone... she came inside with her head down... than she look up and look at me in a moody way... than she look back down really quick...she didnt give me a mean look... but she gave me a look like she was kinda mad or upset... shes not shy but i am... and i dont think she knows i am since we dont really know each other...

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    YOu need to talk to her.What if something is wrong w/ her family and she needs help and no one will help her, and since u are like the 1st person that talked to her she is waiting for her. Uv ignored her once it is time to go up to her and ask her whats up and ask her why she has been doing that to u!!!! Makin eye contact, a good thing, write her a letter or something, make sure she is ok..something might be wrong..just because she ignores u doesn't mean she knows ur not there. She is probaby scared to let u in on her secret...tell her everything is ok, and that ur there...go up and talk to her..don't let it slide..don't make it to where its to late...because later on u'll regret not going up to her. I was shy, i was in the same was a fun thing to do, was nervous as hell..but i did it and i felt great relief come though...u didn't seem nervous or shy when ur the one that started the conversation with her the 1st was u...Let me in on some more and tell me what happens.

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    Doesn't really sound like she likes you, but you NEVER know unless you ask yourself. But if you do eventually confront a girl, don't tell her too much about how you like her (you'll scare her away, trust me). And I agree with you about how you hate when girls ignore you. I told a girl how much I liked her (through a poem/card) and ever since then, we've never talked yet.

    Source(s): "You eventually get a point where you're tired of chasing everyone around and trying to fix things. It's not giving up; it's just realizing you only care about those people that care about you."
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    i'm so sorry approximately your son and husband, and that this is faulty for the college board to try this (What befell to no toddler left in the back of?!) however the sole real answer i provide you with is to hire somebody and take it to a choose. i'm sorry, it is all i will inform you. God Bless your loved ones!

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    When she said sorry for bothering you, you shouldn't have said it's ok. That makes it seem like she did bother you. "Oh no, you didn't bother me. I enjoyed talking to you." would've been better,

    She's robably not going to start another conversation with you for awhile probably..because she doesn't want to "bother" you again.

    You should go up to her and start a conversation. Tell her you like to talking to her or something like that.

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