Should I look at this baby as a positive or a negitive?

yes me and my man have only been togther for a month and i am already pregnant. but I want to look at this as a positive. At least he is stepping up and being a man. most guys just bail out. we are even talking about getting married. what would you do if your were in my position?

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    Well, lets see congrads on the baby! Baby's are always a positive! Just be grateful that you have someone who is going to be a man. The thing is marriage is a big step. Don't marry someone because of the baby. Marry because you love them. Also you are in the early stage of being pregnant, and who is to say the man will be there in the end, for you. Just keep your hopes up and look at the situation on all different sides. The positive and the negative. Once that baby is in your life you will understand that the child is a blessing.

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    I'd hold off on getting married. You hardly know the guy if you've only been together for a month. If he's still around in six months to a year's time, then give it some thought.

    I'm glad he's being a man about this. Stay positive and strong. Good luck!

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    I do not believe in abortion so even if you do not want the child I would say have it and put it up for adoption

    I do not know how old you are and that matters a lot in answering this question

    you have only been together a month and you are pregnant tells me neither of you practice safe sex and in this day and age that is very is Dr. death out there ya know

    again, hard question to answer not knowing your age

    be cool...

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    my brother got some girl pregnant after they had only been dating for two weeks. the girl claims my brother is her first but i don't believe her. my mother, myself and my whole family call this girl a slut to her face. the girl's family disowned her. my brother decided to be a man and step up to the plate, even bought a house for her. now all they do is fight b/c she refuses to get a job. she doesn't take care of my nephew so my brohter had to quit his job to stay home with the baby. for some reason the ***** doesn't believe in day care centers. so now my mom and i are having to give my brother money to pay all the bills. you really have to think long term about this. can you together or even you alone finacially afford to take care of this child. are you both done with school b/c my brother had to drop out of college and he regrets it everyday. babies are very expensive. and running to the welfare office for WIC stamps and free healthcare is not taking care of your baby. it's taking advantage of taxpayers to pay for your mistake. even if you don't believe in abortion there is always the idea of open adoption. my nephew is almost three and is very slow because no one spends time with him b/c they are too angry about the things they had to give up in order to bring him into this world. you have to think about what type of life you will be able to or NOT be able to give this baby.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you should have waited

    but i wouldnt think of it as a negative.

    babies are always a positive thing.

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    1 decade ago

    i wouldnt necessarily rush into marriage.... your life is gonna change.... so start out slow... and see how things so... babies are a positve choice.....

  • 1 decade ago

    o boy.....Hell as long as your happy then f-ing go for it girl!! good luckon the baby

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