Problems with fedex and US customs?

Has anyone ever had any problems ordering something from a company who used FedEx INternational and the package was held up in a Clearance delay through US Customs. How long did it take to get cleared and you receive your package?

I ordered a laptop from HP. It was shipped from Shanghai through FedEx. It was offloaded in Alaska and then sent to Indianapolis, IN. There it hit customs and because one of the 953 orders on the same plane my laptop was on did not have the propper paper work US customs held all the packages and has to sort through each one before they let it go. It has been stuck with them for 4 days now. Delivery date for my laptop was 4 days ago.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Mine's been in Indianapolis for a week now, with no end in sight. Hope yours has been delivered...

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    4 years ago

    The Fedex hub is in Alaska so US customs would ought to sparkling them. you should comprehend how the "hub" equipment works. ALL programs pass to at least one imperative hub and are then trucked to their places or (at times) flown by small shipment planes. initially there became in effortless words a million hub -- in Tennessee, i trust. each Fedex kit went to that hub earlier it went everywhere else. FedEx's significant hub is Memphis, its second is Indianapolis, and that i imagine third is Anchorage, Alaska (international shipments).

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    The US Customs can be difficult, but look at the times we live in and be thankfull for having some government employees that are doing their job. That's what we pay them for. It may be delayed, but you will have your new laptop. A little patience.

    Good luck with the new equipment

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