we're putting ceramic tile in the bathroom , do we need to remove the particale board ? my husband says we do


the tile is going on the floor and he says if the particale board get wet it will swellup.. right now the floor has plywood and-particale board and vinyal flooring

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    The particle board isn't any good for a base for ceramic tile, your husband is right, particle board is 60% glue when it gets wet it'll soften and your floor will begin to heave. Plywood is probably the best but I can go one better. Hardibacker board more expensive but at least its stable.

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    Not sure of what you mean by "particle board". If you are talking about the sub-floor (the board on the floor that lays across the joist), that needs to stay.

    The most important thing that I would do is screw the flooring to the joist to eliminate any squeaks! Screw the heck out of the boards.

    Secondly, pick up a product called Hardy Backer board and nail that onto your floor. Most home improvement stores carry the product and it gives you a clean flat surface to start your project on. You want this tile job to last for years to come and a bad foundation will become evident over time. Take your time with it and have fun!

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    As long as you have a solid surface you should be fine. It is highly recommended to use a thin backerboard to install the tile on, this way the tile will not be directly on the particle board anyway. Also use thinset motor to lay the tiles, I have had nothing but nightmares using mastic adhesives (tile glue) for tile. Do it right the first time as it only cost 3 times more to have to do it twice.

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    You need to use at least 1/2 inch cement board under your tile installation. If you don't, your tile will start to buckle and will look uneven. It is absolutely NEVER recommended, on a floor, to put your ceramic directly over a wood subfloor. it is o.k, however, to put directly over an existing cement floor as long as there are no cracks, and your surface is even.

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    Where are you trying to put these tiles?. Around the shower or on the floor?.If around the shower you would have to use a hardy baker before you put the tiles .If your exisiting shower is made out of fiberglass. On floor it depends

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