any tip to regain my husband's attention since I am a mother of two girls and always a very buisy mum?

I have no time to be sociable to my husband whom I love very much. I miss him even if he is beside me because i don't have time to enjoy our love. heunderstands my feelings but he wants to see more of me .HELP any tip that needs less time to have him as close as he used to be

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    You can't have everything in life. You need to give him up or stop doing so many activities that you have no time for him.

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    all have been too good and few extra from me whilst a guy steals your spouse, there is not extra useful revenge than to enable him shop her. by potential of all potential marry. in case you get an outstanding spouse, you would be chuffed. in case you get a foul one, you will substitute right into a logician. woman inspires us to good issues, and forestalls us from achieving them. I had some words with my spouse, and he or she had some paragraphs with me. "i've got had undesirable success with the two my different halves. the 1st one left me, and the 2d did not." My spouse and that i've got been chuffed for 20 years. Then we met. an outstanding spouse consistently forgives her husband whilst she's incorrect. Marriage is the only conflict the place one sleeps with the enemy.

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    You know my wife and I both work full time and have two kids. I get kids in am and she gets them in pm so our overlap is minimal. I wish she was a little more flirty with me. You know reach in my pants in the am and say something goofy, "I'm holding out for you tonight" then call or email me telling me hot hot she feels thru the day. Work me up!!

    Climb in the shower in am, suggestive looks or sayings.

    I'm sorry if you weren't talking about sexual attention and thats all I focused on, you can see where my mind is.

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    This one is simple.

    You need to make more time for him. The kids will be fine, in fact you spending so much time on them is probably going to screw them up.

    Start by making love to him more often and go from there. A man well fed and well taken care of in bed is a happy man.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try to make your kids more independent. I see a lot of my friends (who are Moms) over-doing the motherly stuff. You will be surprised at how quickly children can be trained to be independent. Set aside quality time for youself and your husband. Hire a sitter if you can afford it. Take care of yourself first and then your kids (it's ok to be selfish at times). Good Luck!

  • sunbun
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    Ok---u need to schedule a "date night" at least 1 day a month....get a sitter for the kiddos, go out to dinner, see a a hotel room, etc....just the two of u

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    show him what you just wrote on here, its very honest, let him read it - he'll do the rest, just expect a big cuddle the moment he finishes reading it

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    you can be awife to him and be a mom if you don't you may lose your husband

  • 1 decade ago

    slap his butt, kiss him, wink at him, flash a boob or butt or just be a tease in some way,,

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