do you know of a good claims system?

I am in a computer club that is about to start fixing student and faculty personal computers for a relatively cheap fee. We need a claims system to keep track of who gave us a computer, what the problem is and the fee. Then we need to make a copy for the person who brought the computer in. Should I just make an excel spread sheet to keep track of these things or is there a better/efficient way to do this?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Why not use the existing electronic claims forms. They come in three sheet numbers. One for the customer, one to have for the files, and one to be with the computer and to have the repairs noted on it. When the repairs are finished, and the unit is picked up, then make a record on an excel sheet, and staple together the file copy and the copy with all repairs listed on it. You can purchase these forms at any decent stationery store.

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