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I am in year 9 and we have to learn french we have no choice but i am picking my GCSE's this yr and am picking french instead of spanishbecause i find it easier even tho im still not gd at french, but the thing is even if i try my teacher shouts at me when its wrong i have argued with her plenty of times and when its parents evening she pretends that she dont shout at me, she wont let me move groups and i feel like she enjoys taking her anger out on me i really want to quit french and wag the lessons but my parents will find out , does anyone have any sharp remarks that i can say to her when she is shoutin at me for doing it wrong please help me coz i dont want to end up punching my teacher coz that is the way shes heading plz help i would be really grate-ful

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    Some people really do not know how to teach - they intimidate instead. They yell and scream to get their way. Like a lot of coaches.

    Some people just like to have argument (at work, at school).

    If you argue and fight with them - you are giving them what they want (attention).

    Instead, tell your teacher something that will make her stop and think - say something like "I have a hard time learning, when you are yelling at me." And then do not say anything else. Watch her face and her reaction.

    If she starts yelling again, repeat what you said.

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    You know something, making sharp remarks will not make it better. In fact that attitude is probably part of what makes her want to shout at her.

    But when you just need a laugh, maybe you could say sweetly, "Usted tiene poco tiempo en este mundo." Sorry its in Spanish, as I don't know French.

    On second thought, don't say it! They might take it as a serious threat! Nobody has any sense of humor these days!

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    Have you tried talking to your parents about her? Or how about talking to your guidance consular about it? You don't want stay on her bad side and always say smart remarks because it would make it seem like you are starting trouble. I've had to deal with with teachers like that too and I know you just want to kick her sometimes but see if you could get that class switched to another teacher because it won't help if you're in a class that you can't learn in.

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    you should audio tape a couple of her classes, and then let your parents and the principal listen to it. then I think all of you should sit down and let the teacher listen to herself and have a serious discussion about how to move forward and correct the problem.

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