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If you were to anaylze genetically modified foods?

I have to write an analysis on genetically modified foods. I am honestly not good at writing these types of papers. I plan to research and include the following items:

Definition of genetically modified foods.

How genetically modified foods are genetically engineered.

Explain the pro and cons of genetically modified foods.

I really need a good grade on this paper. If YOU were to write an analysis on this subject what would you be sure to include?

Do you think the 3 items I am going to research are good to include in an anaylsis?

*****I am not asking you to write my paper- just to give me ideas/feedback.


Would you add anything else?

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    Sounds like a really good paper. I know that genetically modified foods are used becuase it is better for the economy. I.E. one farm can produce 100 times more food as a farm could back in the 1960's of the same size. That stat is not that accurat but you get the idea. One other thing you might be able to talk about is how genetically modified food may have positive or negative effects on people who eat it. I dont know if their is but I would read your paper if i knew i was going to learn about those effects.

    I just remembered that they give cows hormones to make them produce more milk. I also read that a lot of people are having problems losing weight becuase they drink the milk of these cows and those hormones are getting into people and causing health problems. I dont know if this is considered genetically engineered but its scary none the less.

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    To be honest, all staple vegetation have been genetically changed by potential of people. Wheat as an occasion is so different from actual for sure happening long-grasses (the mothers and dads species of wheat) that if untended by potential of people it would bypass extinct. it fairly is sweet: wheat is so unnatural that it could not proceed to exist interior the wild. the only distinction between "classic" vegetation and genetically changed is that particularly of selectively breeding vegetation for the wanted function, scientists in basic terms insert the gene manually into the plant. lots swifter. The term "genetically changed" might sounds like Mad technology, even yet it fairly is not. As for grownup onset nutrition hypersensitive reactions, genetically engineered ingredients are an not likely perpetrator. All forms of vehicle-immune responses have grown in cutting-edge historic previous accross the progressed united states inhabitants, so it in basic terms would not upload up. A extra compelling concept is that sparkling residing and the subsequent "boredom" of the immune equipment reasons it to overreact to stimuli and attack the physique, inflicting hypersensitive reactions and allergies as an occasion.

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    If you have time find out what the teacher likes.... apples... strawberried etc... bring it in and have her eat it then go in to the cons and all the and see her reaction then... At grocery store they have regular foods and "organic" see if you can fin anything that you notice a huge difference in and bring them in... pass them around and ask people what the difference is.... then go off... bring up cancer and all that. Fear is a good attention getter... Id throw in how is it worth eating th Watermelon without seeds or can you pick them out?

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