New Makeup Ideas?

So a little about me: kinda dark brown eyes (which i hate btw. how i envy those with green & blue eyes!) and brown hair with redish hilights (not that noticable). My face shape is in between being slightly oval and slightly heart shaped (or whatever it's called).

Anyways I'm sick and tired of my same old makeup. It's usually eyeliner & mascara & eyeshadows (nudes, whites, and now purples)

I'm looking for ideas that will make my eyes look even a little more pretty. Cuz those damn brown eyes are just blah. Suggestions on what colour eyeshadows/eyeliner will make my eyes pop are greatly appreaciated! And I hate the gothic style/emo style makeup. So no thank you!

Here is a picture of my eyes & makeup i did.

PS. Does it look good/ok? :D


PS. My eye is really open in that picture and thus makes my eyelid look tiny. However this is definetly (sp?) not the case! I have quite large eyes!

Oh and great answers all of you. Oh man is this going to be hard to pick best answer thingy =P

Update 2:

PS. My eye is really open in that picture and thus makes my eyelid look tiny. However this is definetly (sp?) not the case! I have quite large eyes!

Oh and great answers all of you. Oh man is this going to be hard to pick best answer thingy =P

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    I wish I could get a better look at your lid. From what I could see, first I agree you are being hard on yourself! If I am seeing right it looks like you don't have a very large lid that right?

    If so I would suggest using a darker shade eyeshadow to give the illusion of a bigger lid. Dang wish I could draw on here. One tip that works for most folks that is easy to accomplish is to make a sideways V. First use a neutral color like a beige across the lid. Then I'd play with colors. My Mom had huge dark brown eyes that were gorgous. She usually used a blue, and ironically my daily color is a slate blue and I have light eyes. So that is pretty universal in looking good, as long as your skintone isn't too light or dark. And a beige lid really makes dark eyes pop out!

    So picture a sideways V. Start at about 1/3 the way to the outer eye and use a contour color going up sideways to the brow. Then make the V by using the same color about in the middle of the creasy line so they intersect making that V. At night you can make it darker more dramatic and have it go higher up in the brow. The key to a pretty eye is blending the colors together.

    I'd suggest trying this technique with a slate blue or a medium dark purple, and then add a bit of violet to blend on the upper eye. And I'd suggest trying it and skipping the under eye liner. That can tend to make an eye look smaller, especially from a distance when someone looks at you. I don't think it looks bad now at all btw, but I think it's always good to play around with new looks and see what works best on you. Plus sometimes fun just to have a different look!

    Hope this made's hard to explain how to do this without being able to either show you or draw.

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    What are you talking about?! You have gorgeous eyes! And believe me, blue eyes are not as great as you may think. I know. Just experiment with colors and different styles. Substitute eyeliner for some dark eyeshadow in a thin line, false lashes, try some subtle glitter, go without eyeliner, just see what happens! Your look won't go anywhere until you get it moving! I didn't check all the links on this website, but it's worth a try! Good luck!

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    You should try warmer tones on your eyes like browns and golds and possibly blue to look bolder. For eyeliner though, I'd definitely suggest you get paula dorf's midnight eyeshadow and transformer ( This transforms the eyeshadow into an eyeliner so you can have matching liner and shadow. Good Luck!

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    it looks ok.. but why dont you try a darker purple.. which make the brown eyes stand out wayy more... with either a lighter shade of purple or a beige (i personally go with beige)... you put the beige on your eye and the darker up to your crease... put an even darker shade of purple on the crease so it looks deffining.. (it ill look great)... i use Microviolet Mac Fuid Liner.. which looks great.. use that as your liner right against your lashes... put a dark liner on your bottom lid as well.. and about 2 layers of mascara.. it will look well.. i think purple is the best color for brown eyes... but if you want other colors.. you can use brownish colors... bronze... gold... greenish colors.. and pinks... DO NOT use dark blues... they make your eyes look tiny and the brown doesnt stand out and just dont use it.. a light one is ok.. anyways.. good luck!!

    Source(s): i hvae brown eyes and love make up.. i take courses as well....
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    ur pic looks good, take one with your eyes closed too so I can see the actual lid.

    I went to Nordstroms last week and they have the New Barbie makeup by Mac. I got some and WOW, talk about pop out of my head eyes. They have several to choose from for both dark and light colored eyes. Not to $$ either, I got the lip stick lip gloss, eye shawdow and blush for $60. And what I love most, other than the lip stuff, it last ALL DAY.

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    Greens and golds are great colors for brown eyes and hair.

    Green - use dark green shadow liner and gold on the lids

    my sister has brown eyes and dark hair like yours.

    Get a virtual makeover on Mary Kay website.

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    Yes yours is pretty.

    I use neon/bold and bright eyeshadows...

    maybe some different color eyeliners?

    and i put little eyeshadow (the same as on my eyelid) under my eye.

    I like it, but thats just me.

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    Thicker black eyeliner, more brighter purple eyeshadow and LOTS more mascara!

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    you can go to

    click on tips and trends .. it will give virtual look and tips.. try it .. have fun!

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