I am looking to donate 3 formal dresses to a charity for underpriviliged teens in Northern California, Sac.?

I live in Stockton and work in Lodi. Does anyone know of the organization's name that accepts formal dresses for donations?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All I could find was Becca's Closet. In California, this is what showed as having chapters:



    Will C. Wood High School

    Vacaville Christian High School


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    In Reno, NV (I know that is a few hours away) There is this place called Ali's Prom Closet that takes donations. Around prom season they open the store and only underprivledged girls and boys can come in a "shop". Its a great Place! I volunteered there a year ago and the girls that come in just love it! So if you have nice formal dresses that would be a great idea.

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    That is very nice of you. I do not know, but you might try talking to a high school counsellor.

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    I dunno.

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