Imaginary friends... healthy??

ok maybe i wouldnt be asking but-my two year old has them!!! I mean...shes two, for crying put loud.

She will talkto her "friends" and when i ask what shes doing she says, "Im using imagination!!!" she says it just like that.

I have been told by many people shes very smart for her age.

She is an only child, and doesnt go to daycare we have a private sitter. my sitter has kids and they/we are very involved with the other kids at church so she is being socialized, what do you think?

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    Shes only 2 and said "im using imagination". In psychology, a child is only aware of there cognitive thoughts until the age of 4. Whoever her imaginary friends are, told her to say that! Children lose the ability to have spiritual contact until 5yrs. So dont fear, they do no harm, there just around to keep her positively occupied and to guide her. It's like pre-pre-pre school on a spiritual level.

    Source(s): A psychology degree.
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    Many children have imaginary friends and this is just a part of childhood. I had an imaginary friend called Harry ( he was a monster that lived in a tree in my backyard) when I was little. Mine lasted until I was around 5.

    My oldest daughter had an imaginary friend named Kong (he was an alien) and they would get into all sorts of mischief, this was when she was slightly younger than 2. But as soon as her sister was old enough to play Kong went away about 2 and a half. Now they both have "ghost puppies" as they dont have real dogs so they have ghost ones.

    Using their imagination is a great thing in a child and should be encouraged. My girls have all sorts of imaginary animals and vehicles etc. Its much better than a TV or video games.

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    I have 4 children. 2 of them had imaginary friends. My middle daughter had just one, Monica, but my youngest daughter had 3 "sons", Michael, John, and Alex. Those 2 daughters are now 22 and 9 years old. They are both very creative, normal, and mentally healthy. They were between 2-3 when their friends came to live with us. There is nothing wrong with imaginary friends. We handled it by mostly just playing along with them, asking them questions about Monica and the sons, including them in trips, etc. By kindergarten, Monica, Michael, John, and Alex had all moved away - Monica to California and the sons to Alabama. We live in Michigan. My brother had an imaginary friend named Timmy. My brother is now a highly respected Colonel in the Air Force. I think having an imaginary friend is perfectly fine as long as the child continues to relate to others as well as to their "friends". We have quite a few humorous stories about imaginary friends and it's interesting to me that both my daughters remember their friends. I have heard several times that creative children tend to have imaginary friends.

    Source(s): Mom for 27 years to 4 and child care provider for 20 years.
  • Don't worry it's fine I had an imaginary friend that road around in a hot air balloon and know not to brag but I'm a straight A student in private school. All you have to make sure is that she's not feeling alone or is anti-social.

    Hope this helps:)

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    Sounds like she is very smart!

    Imaginary friends are great unless she starts blaming them for things she does wrong. If that isn't happening, then no worries!

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    All of my kids (four of them) have had imaginary friends. They all started around 2-ish (some younger some older). they had names for their friends. We included their friends in our dinners and lunches, etc. Our kids thought it was the coolest when we "talked" to their "friends" and incl them on our activities. They outgrew their friends pretty fast though. Enjoy their little imaginations!!!!

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    you are worrying over NOTHING every child i have ever heard of has had sometime of imaginery friend and the fact that she says

    "Im using imagination!!!" is a very good indicater that she knows that her "friends" are not real. Don't worry about it she will grow out of it.

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    she is normal...... i had imaginary friends in kindergarten........ and she is a only child (like myself)..... when she is alone (no other kids i mean) she needs to entertain herself...... dont worry..... she is fine.......

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    You dont want her talking to herself now do you?

    Try having a party or some kids over from his school.

    Have play dates with friends.

    Get her to be social.

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