Has anyone with a very low pain tolerance had a natural childbirth?

I am a total wuss but I really don't want to have an epidural or anything because of the effects it can have on breastfeeding. I'm worried that I won't be able to handle the pain of a natural birth...

Any pointers or tips on what you did to handle the pain?

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    I hate pain. And I had a natural birth. But I removed the option of drugs so I wouldn't be tempted. I had my birth at a birth center with midwives. It was a great experience and really wasnt to bad till the end. But hey if i got through it anyone can. And the great thing is as soon as the baby is out ALL the pain is gone. And I mean all of it just instantly gone. But birth centers are great they are so supportive of your birth plan and let you move around during labor. You are not tied up to any machines, you are allowed to eat during labor and walk around freely. You can labor in many different positions and they encourage you to find the most comfortable way for you. They even let you push in a jacuzzi tub that is very soothing and relaxing.

    I would think that being in a hospital confined to a bed, allowed to be eating only ice chips with an IV would make labor feel way worse. Moving around really helped me get through it.

    I am pregnant again and am going to do it the same way. My main reason is because at a birth center they never take your baby away. They do all the newborn exams with the baby right on top of you and they encourage breastfeeding as soon as possible. It is so great.

    There is also something called hypnobirthing where a hypnotist helps you get totally relaxed. I know lots of girls who swear by the method for pain control. I would love to have it this time but here it costs $500. Anyways, I think the best way to minimize pain is to have the freedom to labor in a way that feels comfortable to you. It's a beautiful experience that does hurt but you can definitely minimize the pain. Really look into it.

    If you have to have it in a hospital atleast consider having a doula with you. They are very great at supporting you through your labor with massages and helping to get you into different more comfortable positions. See if the hospital offers water births they are very soothing too. :)

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    uggh i'm in the same boat! i'm due june 1st and really would like to have a natural childbirth. however, i have the lowest pain tolerance ever. quick labors run in my family though [2 hours and under for mom and all my aunts.. even for the birth of twins], so i'm hoping i luck out! also, i agree about taking a childbirth class. i took one and it has really put some of my worries at ease. and like the other person said, it wasn't just about breathing. my hospital offered 4 weeks classes or an all day one day class. if you haven't taken one, you can probably find somewhere that offers an all day one.

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    I had natural birth well I did have Demerol but that only helped lessen the pain for my contractions and only lasted a bit, they gave me the option of the gas mask but that just made me feel like i was sufforcating. When the contractions got really really strong I wanted them to give me an epidural but they wouldn't give it to me cause I was progressing fast. The only time i was in real real pain when the baby's head dropped and was about to come out, my prenatal class told me i would feel a ring of fire well she pretty well explained what it felt like there was a ring of fire down there and you have to push through it, the contraction i could handle but it does get uncomfortable. When I came to the ring of fire point I think the whole hospital heard me screaming, my poor mom was there holding my legs and I was screaming at her everytime she moved my leg cause it hurt like hell. After the baby is born the pain goes away but just as you think you are done, and they take the baby away to weigh it and check it out, you have to push out the placenta. I had complications with mine though I started bleeding internally. and they had to go up and sew me up that was so painful they just about had to hook me up to an epidural cause I couldn't handle the pain of them digging inside of me to stop the bleeding, my baby was big (8 pounds 15 ounces) and came to quick. Then to top it off my baby had water in her lungs, so we both had different doctors working on us, the room was full of nurses and doctors. Then to top it all off they take the baby to another room to look at her more and after i was all sewn up, i was left there all ALONE, from a room full of people to ZERO, my parents left, my husband went to see the baby, then i was laying there like HELLO did someone forget about me I was almost thinking are they expecting me to walk out of here, I was there for about 40 minutes by myself I look back at it now and think that was soooo funny, Have your partner rub your lower back with a cold wash cloth, that sort of helped. To top off my delivery story my husband was at my side during the delivery and when the nurse told me to push my husband started pushing down on my back, thinking he was helping but I was getting so mad but i was to busy pushing to get mad at him so after the third time of him doing this my sister notice what he was doing and told him to stop, I don't know what he was thinking but how hard he was pushing down on me I'm suprised my baby didn't just pop out of me ha ha ha. After my natural birth I wouldn't do it again, with my second child I asked for a c-section, I wouldn't be able to handle another natural, I would have had to have a c-section in the end cause my baby was to big and wouldn't have fit she was 9 pounds 15 ounces, now I'm pregnant again with my third and last child being delivered by c-section. Good luck, there will be pain no matter what and that doesn't matter because you get a prize in the end.

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