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Are you for or against the death penalty?

I'm from Texas so you can probably figure out what my stance is!

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    For it, they need to use it more, all those rapists and pedophiles don't deserve a second chance.

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    I hope that you are open to some of the practical issues surrounding the death penalty- here are some facts that are verifiable and sourced-

    Re: Alternatives

    48 states, now including Texas, have life without parole on the books. It means what it says, is swift and sure and is rarely appealed. Being locked in a tiny cell for 23 hours a day, forever, is certainly no picnic. Life without parole incapacitates a killer (keeps him from re-offending) and costs considerably less than the death penalty.

    Re: Possibility of executing an innocent person

    Over 120 people on death rows have been released with evidence of their innocence. Many had already served over 2 decades on death row. If we speed up the process we are bound to execute an innocent person. Once someone is executed the case is closed. If we execute an innocent person we are not likely to find that out and, also, the real criminal is still out there.

    Re: DNA

    DNA is available in no more than 10% of murder cases. It is not a miracle cure for sentencing innocent people to death. It’s human nature to make mistakes.

    Re: Appeals

    Our appeals system is designed to make sure that the trial was in accord with constitutional standards, not to second guess whether the defendant was actually innocent. It is very difficult to get evidence of innocence introduced before an appeals court.

    Re: Deterrence

    The death penalty isn’t a deterrent. Murder rates are actually higher in states with the death penalty than in states without it. Moreover, people who kill or commit other serious crimes do not think they will be caught (if they think at all.)

    Re: cost

    The death penalty costs far more than life in prison. The huge extra costs start to mount up even before the trial. There are more cost effective ways to prevent and control crime.

    Re: Who gets the death penalty

    The death penalty isn’t reserved for the “worst of the worst,” but rather for defendants with the worst lawyers. When is the last time a wealthy person was sentenced to death, let alone executed??

    Re: Victims families

    The death penalty is very hard on victims’ families. They must relive their ordeal in the courts and the media. Life without parole is sure, swift and rarely appealed. Some victims families who support the death penalty in principal prefer life without parole because of how the death penalty affects families like theirs.

    Opposing the death penalty doesn’t mean you condone brutal crimes or excuse people who commit them. According to a Gallup Poll, in 2006, 47% of all Americans prefer capital punishment while 48% prefer life without parole. Americans are learning the facts and making up their minds using common sense, not revenge or an eye for an eye mentality.

    Source(s): Death Penalty Information Center,, for stats on executions and states where they occurred, reports and links to testimony (at state legislatures) of victims' family members. the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2005. (Right now, only preliminary stats are available for 2006) Stats found here can be compared to stats on the number of executions in different states.
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    I'm from Canada, so my stance is probably obvious too - it has been proven not to be an adequate deterrant, if it was there would be no more murder etc. in the states that use it, also there have been too many innocents put to death then discovered later it was wrong, I say if you can't bring someone back from the dead, you shouldn't be killing them...

    Also, you may be releasing some messed up souls to come back and start being evil again, lol!

  • I'm from Texas, too. A monster is sitting on Death Row for killing women here back in 1987, it has been 20 years and he still hasn't been executed. I'm totally for the Death Penalty.

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    110% for it. this liberal "be fair about everything" world needs to get a clue. prisons are WAY too nice now-a-days and punishment is weak. i think every state & country should have the death penalty. because think: when homeless, lazy bums want a free stay all they have to do if rob a bank or kill someone. then they have heat, free meals, and other luxuries that prisons shouldn't have!!! anyone who is against the Death Penalty needs to get a clue. That you get what you asked for. Otherwise... how the heck will people learn a lesson!?

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    I am from Florida we fry them faster uurr we use the needle now. Sorry if I sound a little harsh but John Couey is on trial right now for kidnapping raping and burying alive a 9 year old little girl 2 years ago. They had trouble finding a jury who did not want just lunch before they hung him. I hope he burns in hell.

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    I am for it!! But then a part of me thinks 2 wrongs do not make a right amd I am from texas also. Hard question!

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    FOR!!! I'm from Cali...but got sick of waiting every 14 years for them to fry a I moved to Texas. They have like 2 a month here.

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