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lost 18 pounds but no results?

ive gone from 203 to 185 but i havent noticed much definition of myy muscles showing more, but also i dont think ive lost much muscle either what the hell did i lose? and when will i actually see the results

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    Depending on your diet and type of exercise, you most likely lost residual water weight (can easily exceed ten pounds...its the stuff that give people that "soft" look). Stick with it and you will only see more is key!

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    It takes awhile for muscle definition to show. keep working on it and congradulations on the weightloss. Because of the weight loss the skin will still be lose, keep working on it and it'll tighten up and you'll see those results

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    It might take a little bit to actally see and notice the difference, for some people you can notice after a week it you lose like 10 lbs but sometimes it might take longer for your like your stomach to adjust so you shrink in inches.

    Source(s): I lost 19 lbs and my friend lost 40
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    i did no longer attempt that, even nevertheless it wounds to me like it fairly is not properly worth being rather hungry all day and "blowing up" you may desire to be having a variety of reaction to the nutrition (in contrast to a rash, yet your physique no longer getting used to it and attempting to compensate etc) in case you're too hungry, your physique will think of there's a famin and it fairly is programmed in which you start to maintain each and every calorie you put in. to i assume "undo" this, you may desire to attempt ingesting vegatables and end result (that are like NO energy and a few are yummy. ) in stead of ravenous. (it fairly is plenty helthier) on the different hand, i could desire to be incorrect, and your physique could desire to easily desire a pair greater desirable days to get used to it and pounds will fly off. ^_^ good success!!

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    Impacted fecal matter? You probably lost a bit of fat and gained muscle.

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    you probably lost most in inches

  • maybe you lost it from your thighs

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