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I would love to listen to some new songs. Does anyone have any reccomendations of good music?


i like most types of music. im not a huge rap person and i dont like extremely heavy metal, but if they're really good songs, i'm willing to check them out. thanks!

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    here is a list of good abnds in every genre i can think of...hope it helps...if none of these work out or you prefer a specefic genre let me kno

    alternative rock - pearl jam, our lady peace, smashing pumpkins

    alternative - alanis morsette, jewel

    rock - dropkick murphys, staind, red hot chili peppers

    folkish - beck

    indie - fall of troy, sound of animals fighting

    country - toby keith, rascall flatts

    classical - bach violin conciertos

    underground/grunge - nirvana, soundgarden, alice in chains

    metal - trivium, meshugga

    nintendo rock - dragonforce

    70's punk - the ramones, dead kennedys

    60's - the yardbirds, the beatles

    hard rock - metallica, lamb of god

    NuMetal - System of a Down, Disturbed

    hardcore -rage against the machine

    80's hair rock - slaughter

    classic rock- led zeppelin, boston, aerosmith

    rap - akon, lil john

    other - cKy, audioslave, john mayer, hoobastank

  • Favorite bands are My Chemical Romance and The Used. My Chemical Romance....ahhh I can't say enough about them, they're amazing, and The Used is great because lead singer Bert McKracken's "pretty" voice (for lack of a better word) can reach all sorts of beautiful notes, which contrasts with the music, and boy can he yell. (But it's GOOD yelling)

    Pandora.com tailors a playlist to your likes and dislikes, and you listen to bands that aren't that well known.

    Yahoomusic.com and aolmusic.com and mtv.com are all cool, if you just put on a video, once that video is done, it';'l select a random video, and then another and another, almost like it's on a "shuffle" of all the songs on their site. A bonus to this is that, while you're becoming acquainted with new music, you can see the band's music video, to see what the band looks like, and if they're artistic with videos and all that. You may not be into that, but I find that I appreciate a band or a song more if the music video means something, and isn't just them, singing in a stadium or something...

    Happy Listening!

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    I'll assume you mean new to *you*.....

    "Kashmir", "Stairway to Heaven-" Led Zeppelin

    Any Beatles

    'Maybelline'- Chuck Berry

    'Keep a-Knockin', 'Tutti Frutti'- Little Richard

    "Good Lovin Gone Bad", "Feel Like Making Love"- Bad Company

    'Go Your Own Way', 'Rhiannon', 'Gold Dust Woman'- Fleetwood Mac

    "We Are the Champions", "Now I'm Here"- Queen

    "Nights in White Satin", Story in Your Eyes"- Moody Blues

    "Burn", "Smoke on the Water" (live)- Deep Purple

    "Baba O'Riley", "Pinball Wizard", "Squeeze Box", "Naked Eye"- The Who

    'Carry on Wayward Son', 'Dust in the wind"- Kansas

    'Logical Song', 'Breakfast in America'- Supertramp

    'Solid Rock', "Expresso Love'- Dire Straits

    'Oh!'- Sleater Kinney

    'Black Magic Woman'- Santana

    'Peace Train', 'Morning Has Broken'- Cat Stevens

    'Come Sail Away'- Styx

    'The Boys Are Back in Town', 'Jailbreak'- Thin Lizzy

    'Limelight', "The Spirit of Radio', 'New World Man'- Rush

    'I've Seen All Good People'- Yes

    'Magic Man', 'Crazy on You', 'Barracuda'- Heart

    'All Along the Watchtower', "Purple Haze', "Manic Depression"- Jimi Hendrix

    'School's Out'- Alice Cooper

    'More Than a Feeling', 'Don't Look Back', 'Foreplay/Long Time Gone'- Boston

    'Karn Evil 9'- ELP

    'Highway to Hell', 'Shook Me All Night Long', 'It's a Long Way to the Top'- AC/DC

    'Gimme Shelter', 'Miss You", "Rocks Off'- Rolling Stones

    'Little Guitars', 'Unchained'- Van Halen

    'Get It On (Bang a gong)'- T-Rex

    'Deceptacon'- Le Tigre

    'Too Kool to Kalypso', 'Away From Home', 'Don't Care'- Klark Kent

    'Blue Morning, Blue Day', 'Cold As Ice'- Foreigner

    'Stay With Me', 'Maggie May'- Rod Stewart

    'American Girl', 'Breakdown'- Tom Petty

    'Queen *****', 'Hang on to Yourself', 'Star'- David Bowie

    'Positively 4th Street'- Bob Dylan

    'Just What I Needed'- The Cars

    'Do Ya', 'Mr. Blue Sky'- ELO

    'Pulling Mussels from a Shell', 'Another Nail in My Heart'- Squeeze

    'Wish You Were Here', 'Brain Damage/Eclipse'- Pink Floyd

    'Draw the Line', 'Back in the Saddle', 'Dream On'- Aerosmith

    'Alright Now'- Free

    'Surrender', 'I Want You to Want Me (live)- Cheap Trick

    'Living in the Past', 'Aqualung'- Jethro Tull

    'Reelin In the Years'- Steely Dan

    'Hotel California', - The Eagles

    'Layla', 'Mainline Florida', - Eric Clapton

    'Carry On', "Wooden Ships'- CSN&Y

    'Old Man', 'Heart of Gold'- Neil Young

    "King of Pain', 'Roxanne'- The Police

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    those ones are not 2002 or in the previous, yet are not whiny emo bands: Atomship Seven Wiser organic reason Revolution Sound Of weapons those ones are 2002 or in the previous: Dream Theater Porcupine Tree a appropriate Circle Mastodon Mars Volta Explosions in the Sky Incubus Rage against The gadget Staind 9 Inch Nails Deftones Placebo Alice In Chains faith not extra

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    Check out the "New Music First" page on www.vh1.com. They have enitire CDs you can listen to for free a week before they come out, and there is some good stuff there

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    Hi. If you like r& b with a soulful voice and a good beat - check out Katharine McPhee's new CD- I really like most of the songs on the album, and I love listening to it while I'm commuting to work and singing along. :)

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    I have really enjoyed new music by Van Zant f/k/a Lynyrd Skynyrd. Its a mixture between County and Southern Rock.

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    dashboard confessional-stolen

    is a really good song

    depends what type of thing your into

    like im into radiohead

    imogen heap

    five times august

    the all american rejects.

    But if you search the net and look for certain genres of music you like e.g.acoustic.

    Then it will hopefully come up with a few options.




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    If you have a favorite song or style of music, I would recommend


    This helps you find lots of new music similar in style to your favorite.

    I personally enjoy Panic! At the Disco, and would recommend it if you haven't heard it before. Also, the band Oasis is wonderful as well.

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    My Chemical Romance (die-hard fan)

    Green Day

    Fall Out Boy

    Bloodhoud Gang

    just to name a few...

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