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A question to all the wrestling fans...........?

I have been watching wrestling for many years and I have seen all of the high and low points since I've been watching. Right now we are back to a point where we have wrestling programs on 4 out of the 5 weeknights. I think a true fan would be happy about this, yet all I seem to hear is TNA sucks or WWE sucks. I appreciate what both programs have to offer and I thought that true fans appreciate everything that can be offered from the genre and not just be brand loyal. So my question is, shouldn't we be happy that wrestling is back to the point that we have more than just one program to choose from and not fight about it. Give me your thoughts people.

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    I do agree with you that because people don't have to choose one show over another like back in the 90s when WCW broad cast at the same time as WWF that people wouldn't care which program is better then the other. I geuss the reason why people still argue is that people have their favorite things and they have to be better then other people and their things.

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    I agree with you. But it's kind of like having a favorite Football team or Baseball team. People feel the need to be loyal to something. And when they are frustrated they are not shy about saying what sucks. Here's the deal both groups TNA and WWE have great wrestlers, great matches but also kill time during their shows with non-wrestling crap meant to hype up the fans. The problem is that they have taken it way too far and a lot of this stuff is just insulting and a major waste of time that could be spent on wrestling. Also both shows are getting into replaying stuff that just happened over and over again... Why probably to kill time so they don't have to have more wrestling matches. So while I think there is plenty that we can be happy to see, they are also spreading themselves thin and are using a bunch of useless filler. In other words if I have to see Vince's **** one more time and someone being forced to kiss it.... I'm going to puke.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Honestly I think is to much of a good thing. 3 shows are owned by wwe. thats 5 hours alone. then put Tna and WSX into the fold and its alot. The problem I see is they all offer to similar of an in ring product and are trying to get too many guys on camera each week. I would love to see something more than a bunch of 5-7 minute matches. i wish 1 show would only showcase a few guys each week and offer much longer matches in order to seperate that show from all of the others.the truth is ROH is way better tthan anyhing else in the us and there not even on tv.

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    At first when wcw went under and their guys came over to wwf i thought what a great idea, We'd have all the superstars but it really just turned some of the stars into nobodies and then ecw was back, awesome i thought, til they added wwe wrestlers. tna has some of my favs but the sho just isnt as entertaining to me yet. It does sho great potential tho. But ya, I think wwe has been slackin a little, i used to love raw by far but now its bout even with smackdown. I wish we had wcw, ecw, and wwf again.

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    Yes, my point exactly, i love to watch the WWE and TNA, they are both awesome and they both have different wrestlers, matches, and PPV events to choose from, i'd say if you're a true wrestling fan then you would watch all of it and not complain!!

    *John Cena is Sexy!!*

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    I totally agree with u. When there was Nitro and Raw on, my brother and I would switch back and forth during diva matches or bad matches and commercials. Of coarse WCW had thunder too, which sucked after the first month. lol

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    I agree but it seems like a lot of the time the story lines are just plain dumb.

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    I agree. I don't know what da big deal is, it's not like there all on da same night. I like wrestling Period

  • i agree with you, even tho i don't usually watch WSX or TNA, think of all the superstars risking their lives just to entertain us. I think we owe it to them.

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    I agree with you but it seems there are to many different opinions out there.

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