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was he letting me down easy?

a year ago i was still upset with the fact of me walking in on my x of a few years cheating and i ran into a mutual friend of his and we clicked.he and i ended up in the same bed that night and he held me till i slept,he was sweet.throughout the year i saw him here and there,at one point he told me i was killing him,but we never got together because of my x.well now a year later i still think of him so i called him and told him he was eating me alive,he said it was mutual and he had no idea and he thinks im beautiful but that he has been seeing someone for a month now and its only fair the i know.And continued to tell me how he thinks im beatiful,so i was confused and told him to tell me to let it go and he said no,i told him he had to,he said he cant. Does he like me or did he not want to hurt me?

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    It would be hard to say, it sounds to me like he was just being honest and didn't want you to think he was a creep for not telling you he was dating someone. If he really was crazy about you though he would stop seeing that other person and be with you.

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    He sounds as if he has an attraction for you but nothing more. He probably weighed the pros and cons of starting a sexual relationship with you and decided against. it. The man is trying to let you down easy and you are refusing to take the hint. You should be glad he is a gentleman and is not willing to use you. He already told you he has another relationship. Leave this guy alone and find yourself your own guy. You are making that night he comforted you after you caught your ex cheating to mean something more than it was. You were hurt, and vulnerable and he showed some kindness, let it go at that.

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    Sounds like he wants his cake and wants to eat it too. I was previously in the same situation. Met a guy he was with someone, I didn't know it until things had done went so far that there was no return.

    Things were good for a while until I pushed him hard enough he had to make a decision...

    Guess what?... He stayed where he was and I moved on.

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    He is definetly attracted to you, but he wants to be honest about what is going on with him so that there is not a misunderstanding later.

    He may be open to having a friends w/benefits relationship, but does not want to be the one to initiate it because of your past with his friend.

    Or he may have had second thoughts about what happened and wants to stay loyal to his friend.

    Either way I would leave this situation alone unless you just want to have sex.

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    you already asked this one!

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