whats the future of the USA?

it was founded on religius freedom which wasnt granted for a while...................then it was industrius, new indiustries booming in the 19th century......then came the rush west.....then came the settling of the west.......then ww1.....then depression.......then ww2.......surburbia, etc.........then hippies, etc it seems there are no new horizons....even the internet has been picked clean....with millions competing in the same industry....we cant farm..........we cant create our own businesses are we going back to the industrial revolution where the vast majority were forced to work in the factories owned by the rich? and will there be health regs? whats your view of the next 20 yeaqrs? please, i want to hear all ideas


okay no generic or movie based might have to think.....

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    I say its going to become less stronger on the world stage. In a few centuries it may even be two or more independent nations.

    OH, the next 20 years....Its gonna get bad. The next few generations are going to be raised by vile, selfish, spoiled BASTARDS!!!!!!

    Crime will be out of control, racism will be like during the 50's, morals will be null and void, and it will take another 9/11 for us to turn it around.

    Sorry. but I'm dead scared for the future of this country. I think the majority are reveling in stupidity...we LOVE stupidity.

  • First, lets take a step back. In the last twenty years,

    America has gone from a sexist (in work and in Government), barely technologial,

    pot smoking,

    wall street run,

    (Models are our Biggest Celebrities)

    music booming,

    birth of mass gaming Country;


    an almost equal (on sex and race)(in work and government),

    talking houses (and cars),

    computer networking (an every house standard),

    "Above the Influence",

    underground via MYSPACE (be your own record label),

    internet's limitless space (brings us the next-gen. of Bill Gates at half the age),

    (Environmentalist are cool)

    gaming on-line (the most powerful way for a 9 year old to kick *** to a 85 year old grandma),

    ("You can own the President")

    commercial flights to the moon,

    and much much the rest of the world still hates us,


    So now where will we be in another twenty years?

    Roomba was the birth of in home robotics,

    so I think we are getting close to a Jetson's life style.

    Putting GPS micro chips in our pets was the birth global individual tracking,

    so no one will be able to escape a "Minority Report" style of law enforcement (maybe, or "The one", both movies were scary if you think about it).

    And if we are still living on this planet I hope we start moving under water. Can't you just imagine your property capabilities.

    Other than those extremes, I don't think society will change.

    There will always be every form of racism as long as we have stereotypes,

    Homophobia will still be around (even though I do think the US will legalize same-sex marriage),

    (And if we do have our WW3, it will be fought with bio-war tactics, or we will finally discover "Star Trek" like Aliens and then I don't know.)

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    The U.S. will eventually encompass Mexico and Canada and will be known more as the The United Territories of America or something like that.

    In Star Trek , there is no America, however, there is a united federation and you'd be surprised how much of our present life comes from Star Trek ideas.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with allo. I'll be very surprised if in the next 20 years the Russians haven't pulled off an only strike. It's the thing Putin probably falls asleep fantasizing about nightly.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nuclear Annilhilation..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Rahowa is in our future but it may come when it is too late for us to win. As the nation darkens so does our future. As the tird world invades our nation becomes more as a third world nation.



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Can't farm? we are still far and away the greatest food producer in the world.

    Can't create our own business? We are still the greatest innovators and entrepeneurs in the world.

    Internet picked clean? The internet is in its infancy.

    What world are you living in???

  • J J
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    1 decade ago

    Did you ever see the movie The Matrix. I am picturing something like that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, with our national debt creeping up to $9,000,000,000,000, it ain't gonna be pretty. Picture soup lines...

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