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Can i do anything about the cement on my braces? read details please?

I got braces (still have them) and around the bracket there is some cement. It turns yellow after I eat or drink, but my actual tooth is white. Can i get that off? Oh also is there an alternative to flossing? Its time consuming and so hard it takes me like 5 minutes to do half of my mouth. Would the sonicare elite tooth brush be of assistance?

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    I had the same problem and eventually it all came off. Sonicare is a good toothbrush, but it targets your gums moreso than your actual tooth.

    Give it some time. Try brushing with baking soda, but do not use a hard toothbrush or it will make your gums recede.

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    next time you go to the orthodontist tell him and they can scrape off the for the flossing, it's best but if you don't want to I used to stick the brissles of the toothbrush under the wire inbetween the tooth and brace and move back and forth. It cleans the area pretty well. Try to floss at least 2-3 times a week. Sonicare is great. Brush well or you'll have yellow spots on your teeth when your braces come off.

  • okay so you still have your braces off and have the excess cement that looks ugly. anyways heres what you can do, next time you visit your orthodontist ask them if they can polished/remove that excess cement thats in there that makes your teeth look a lil prettty much sure they can remove it easily. flossing with braces could be really tough and it takes alot of time and effort to do this... i know its hard but it needs to be done... i would personally recommend you to try the super floss . this is very helpful to use when flossing with braces... it looks like a silky type of floss that has a stiff tip at the end. i recommend this to my patients if they do have braces of bridge. you can buy that superfloss at a major drugstores and supermarkets. using a sonicare is also a good thing if you have braces. one piece of advise if you have sonicare and you have braces, dont put too much pressure on your teeth when brushing coz you might have a tendency of removing your bracket which is not a good thing. i hope this piece of advise help you

    type that link into your webpage so you can see how it looks like when you go to a drugstore or supermarket. it is made by oral b.

    till here good luck and take care

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    As far as the flossing, maybe you should consider purchasing a waterpik. Here are some links below.

    You should call your orthodontists to ask about the cement problem. Hope this helps.

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    i have them twice. you can use cogate total whitening toothpast this helps but i dont know what it does to the enamal on your teeteh. also for flossing you can use floss thereaders or cogate floss-in-one for braces

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