should u go out w\ a guy that lives in a dif. state?

we e-mail back and forth and i see him in the winter and summer for a little bit.

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    i have dated my boyfriend for 2 years and we both live in different states, granted that he lives jsut across the river!! but it really depends on how far and if you really like hiom bc if you will happen

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    i tried a relationship like this once almost ten years ago. it doesn't work out. even though you think you are "going out" you really aren't. you aren't able to hang out with him or his friends/family nor he yours. and as much as romantic letters back and forth make you feel good, they are no substitute for human contact. it feels good to have someone hold you, stroke your hair, wipe the tears from your eyes when you're upset. it's nice to gaze into someone's eyes and memorize their facial expressions. what about someday when you decide you want kids. how are you supposed to conceive and raise the kids if he lives in another state. what if neither one of you is willing to move to another state. also he is in another state. you aren't around enough to truly know what is going on in his life. he can tell you whatever you want to hear and he will say it sincerely enough that you believe it to be the truth. but he could really be cheating on you or have some serious problems relating to illegal activites. eventually problems are going to arise in this "relationship".

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    That really is up to you - if only seeing each other "a little bit" does not bother you than by all means continue to "see" him.

  • 1 decade ago

    Depends, how good is your car on gas and is it worth it?

    Is there a shortage of men in your state?

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    i mean why not

    why wouldnt u

    represent triple funk of the xx

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