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How long should I run the white wash feature in my LG TV?

model number is 42pc3d

I've had it about 9 months.

I've used the factory settings so far.

I have very faint vertical bars burned into each side of the display.

One person at LG support warned me not to use the white wash feature for more than 2 or 3 minutes or it would result in permanent damage to the screen.

A second LG support person suggested that I run whitewash for about an hour.

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    The worst case if you run it to long you'll have burn image all over your screen, that's why people chose LCD over plasma.

    Since you already have a burn image on your screen I suggest you try it for 5 minutes first and see if the vertical bar disappear but I doubt it will.

    Basically the white wash feature is turning on all pixel that exist in your screen, if you turn it to long the color won't be as good as before.

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