Im a little confused ?? I had a heart attack a while back not that it matters now but it was a fully ocluded?

LAD now I was told to begin with that it wasnt the widow maker that .. that was the left main?? now Im being told it is the widow maker?? like i said not that it matters now lol but just curious and also how long typicly does it take for you EF to go up up you are taking the coreg and excerising everyday!!! and eating healthy?? Im wondering if Im looking for results to soon? I had a mugga scan aprox 2 months after starting my meds and its still the same 34 percent

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    I can't say how long it will be before your ejection fraction improves. 34% is lousy. Speak to your cardiologist about this. He or she knows your heart better than I and is in a much better position to advise you. Incidentally, it's MUGA, multinucleated gated angiography. In any event, adhere to the regimen your physician has advised.

    I can't address the the occlusion and the old infarct. I have absolutely no reports or diagnostics in front of me.

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    The Left Main is the "widow maker". The Left Main supplies about 75% of your heart muscle, including almost all of the left ventricle (the main pumping chamber).

    Your EF may or may not go up. That depends on how much muscle was lost or damaged during your heart attack. If you are exercising every day and eating right, you will probably live a very long time!

    PS..did you have bypass or stent? Just curious!

    Source(s): Cardiac Cath Tech
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