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2 questions.?

1. Does System of a Down have any love songs? what are they?

2. give me suggestions on some good love songs?


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    Yeah, acutally on System's 3rd album Steal this album.... their is Roulette and Ego Brain. Just like the other guy said, they have Marmalade, Bounce, Vicinity of Obsenity, and a few more are just about sex. But being an obbsessed fan of SOAD the singer Serj Tankian is a poet and he wrote a really pretty poem called Misunderstood rose, so they aren't songs, but they are really romantic. Depends on what genre of love songs you want. Uchained melody by the Righetouls Brothers is a really good one. Guardian Angel by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is really good song. It is like rock, though. Umm.... Elvis Presely has some really great love songs, to. Alicia Keys has some great love songs. Depends on what genre, like wedding song love songs or just romantic lyrics? Hope i helped you! :) ttyl, sing ur heart out

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    1. "Roulette" and "Ego Brain", and to a lesser extent "Streamline" and "Spiders". Theres also "Bounce" and "Marmalade" but those aren't about love as much as just having sex.

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