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What is your personality?

are you preppy, a punk...ect.....what does ur personality say about U?

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    None of those labels fit me. But to answer you question my personality is outgoing.

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    Clinically speaking my personality is: HSP

    That stands for Highly Sensitive Profile

    It means that I'm able to sense other people's feelings and pains.

    I can tell when someone is sad, mad, lonely, aroused, excited,

    emotionally hurt, or just about anything else. Sometimes, it helps

    me to find the right way to deal with people.

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    I've been told I'm not like most women. I am a combination of things...very strong willed, independent, feminine, spunky, great at meeting new people, I love to dress up and wear hip clothes,

    and of course, I enjoy the pleasure of giving and seeing people happy. I think my personality says alot about how I was raised, (by my dad and step mom) and they always encouraged me to not put up with crap, yet to be forgiving when needed.

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    preppy with a little punk

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hippy dreadlocked rastachild! I am a product of the 60's. Yea mon...

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    I'm a loud mouth. I am too smart for my own good. Everyone says about me that I think I know it all cause I intimidate them. I can't help that I have alot of opinions.....

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    I'm down to earth and like the simple things in life. Country music, NASCAR, jeans & boots . . ..

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    1 decade ago

    um most people lable me as preepy .. cuz i wear preppy clothes and i like name brand things but w.e, name me go head. i'm funny and open and accept every1 so like me great, hate me.. ur prob. =]

    and you?

    best of luck. my wishes to you.

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    imma mix between a prep, sports chick, and a kool kid.


    i play all sports, i have my grlie evilish moments ( cant get enough gossip!! cant help it!) and then im some how popular, even tho im not a biatch.

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    preppy I guess.

    But as for personality, I'm more laid back..shy/reserved.

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