how can the Japanese hunt humpback whales this coming December if they are endangered?

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    They make their own rules about this and call what they do an experiment. Greenpeace etc will give them a very hard time

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    Boycotting eastern products won't help concerning to the slaughter of the Humpback whales. Japan's government had the audacity to annulled the moratorium on the Humpbacks, understanding the whales are an endangered specie. i won't manage to fathom that a civilized united states of america ought to try this. in accordance to Fox, whale meat is already exhibiting up in grocery markets for the duration of Japan it particularly is considered a delicacy between the older technology. I frequently are not getting upset, however the plight of whales and the jungle meat situation have pushed me to be extra proactive. I despatched an e mail to the eastern Fisheries Assoc., and GreenPeace expressing my utter disgust over the bloodbath of the whales. such as you, i don't frequently get so labored up.

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    The people who do it are stupid and do it illegaly, but they dont see how there can be anything wrong with poaching because most of them just need money to keep there family alive. But some just do it because they want to be rich and are selfish.

    Also there government dosnt enforce it as harshly as most other governments do. But it really is hard to enforce those kinds of laws.

  • here's the thing, the people who are trying to protect these animals are part of a non-governmental world organization, they can educate and do all kinds of things but if the government of a country doesn't make it illegal then the WWF or greenpeace or whoever, can't do anything to stop them really.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Their reasoning is all financial. Japan has limited resources inland so they may feel that they should not be restricted from harvesting from what the sea offers them.

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