Converting problem.. math?

If there is 5280ft./1 mile i need to convert that to 65/ ft. per min. I dont know how to do this!!

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    65 ft is about 0.01231060606060606060606060...(65/5280)mi

    If you're asking how many miles per hour, that is about 0.738636363636363636363...miles per hour(65ft/min is about 0.0123106...mi/min 60 min are in an hour so you would travel 60 times that in an hour so 60*0.0123106... is about 0.73863... )

    If you're asking how many ft/min is in 1 mph thats roughly 88 mph(1 mile is 5280 ft so 1 mph is 5280 ft/h one hour is 60 mins and thats about 60 times what you would travel in a minute so you divide by 60 to get 88ft/min)

    If you're asking how many minutes to travel a mile traveling 65 ft/min thats 81.230769230769230769230769230769230769230... minutes

    (1 mile or 5280 ft divided by 65 ft.)

    If you're looking for something else tell me.

    Hope this helps

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    I think we need more info. 5280 ft per 1 mile is a constant, to convert "it" to 65 ft/min, what is the "it"? "It" has to has to have the units of distance/time like km/hr etc. Or is your question, convert 65 ft/min to miles/min? For which case:

    = 65 ft/min * 1 mile/5280 ft (this will cancel the "ft" units)

    = .0123 miles/min

    If you want to change the unit of time to "hour"

    =0.0123 miles/min * 60 min/1 hour

    = 0.738 miles/hour

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    You cannot convert to 65 feet per minute.

    You can do feet/minute though.

    Just divide by 60.

    88 ft/min

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    65ft X 1 mile/5280ft

    something like that

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    4,873 mins

    5280ft 1 mile 1 hr 60 mins

    ---------x ---------x---------x------------ = 4,873 mins

    1 mile 65 ft 1 mile 1hr

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    81.230769230769230769230769230769 minutes to go a mile at 65ft/minute

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