Living in downtown Toronto, Canada?

Couple of questions

1. Which are the best places/websites to search for a good loft/1 bedroom condo/apartment in downtown Toronto ($200K - $250K range)

2. How much would it cost (approximate) to live in downtown Toronto (single person, rented 1 bedroom apartment)?

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    Condos in Downtown are $$$$. You should contact a realtor....

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    Condos: Go to any realtor's website. Many will let you sort by price and location in the city. They can be found but you really have to look for affordability and quality.

    Renting: $800+. Anything below $1,000 inspect VERY carefully. I have one under $1,000 but I looked hard for something respectable. Cheap and nice rarely makes the newspaper's classified ads because people jump on them too fast.

    The Saturday Toronto Star newspaper gives a list of many condos for sale and rentals. This is a good place to start too.

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    I lived in downtown Toronto and wouldn't recommend it, unless you're the condo guy, then I'd suggest it. As for costs, I'm uncertain as they vary. I think sometimes a website advertises which one of them is

    I know there are really nice condo apartments down by the harbourfront area. Best thing is contact a realtor, or search for rentals online, and newspapers.

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    this is a real estate listing service

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