what do i do? HELP?

i like this guy who is 15 or 16 i know his phone # and where he lives. he goes to my church and i have a relly good relationship with his mom and dad. he is all i think about at night. what are some signs i could give him so he would know i liked him. i have only knowen him for 4 to 5 months.

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    well, in your case, i would invite him over for dinner and have your parents do one of thoes things where they tell him and 'they thought that he knew' i think that that would work for you and how well you know him.

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    Simple, let his mom know that you really like her son and ask her what she would recommend for you. She knows here son pretty well and she may very well let him know that you like him especially if she likes you. Mom's know how to do this tactfully and in a way that will make the son understand. The mother would think highly of you for coming to her first and confiding in her. That would be the best advise I can give you especially at your age when it is so hard to do on your own.



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    I'm sure he knows how you feel already, as you are probably mooning over him.

    But if you think he doesn't know, then just tell him. He may or may not feel the same way as you do. so be prepared for some rejection.

    He may like you as much as you like him, and may be shy, lots of boys his age are. Ask his parents, what they think, or his siblings, if any. That way, you will at least know, if there is a chance for you.

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    You could try smiling at him and saying hi. You can't have a relationship with someone who you don't talk to. Getting to know him would be a great of of deciding wether you really like him and it will put you on his radar.

    Good luck.

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    Just try calling him and asking him to go to the mall or something with you to hang out so you can get to know him better

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    find one of his friends and get them to tell you if he likes you if he doesnot just remember if you got it flount it

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