I set up Outlook to receive Yahoo mail, but now Yahoo account is empty. How do I check mail when not at home?

I'd like to receive the email in both places, if possible. If that won't work, how do I undo and get all my mail back in Yahoo?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The nature of POP is that it downloads messages from the mail server and does not keep them on the server. So, if your home computer were off and not checking your yahoo account for new messages then any new messages you received would appear in your mailbox via the http mail - until you turned on your computer and it downloaded them. If you want to use only http mail then simply remove the account you setup within Outlook.

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    4 years ago

    Messenger in Yahoo Mail isn't loading right. I attempt signing in even nevertheless it does not do it the 1st time or 2nd or third. while it finally shows me online it says I have not got any contacts online while i understand that there are human beings online. I attempt sending messages and the guy in no way gets it. they attempt sending me and that i in no way obtain. it particularly is while it keeps me signed in long adequate to purpose sending messages. frequently indicators me out interior of a jiffy, nevertheless human beings say I look online on their touch lists. I particularly have 2 yahoo debts and am having this situation on the two debts on my workstation (works ok at paintings). i attempted all the stairs pronounced above on the two browsers. i began having this situation 4 days in the past. i'm making use of a Mac OS X 10.6.8 on the two Safari 5.a million.9 and contemporary version of Chrome.

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