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What is your opinion about the situation in Iran?

What do you think of the situation in Iran? Is it to take it seriously or not?

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    i would take it very serious

    the president bush would never leave office without giving his successor much problems than any other president in the history of USA ever had

    so it is really a very delicate matter

    he might just keep arguing till it comes to the last month or so

    then he might send missiles to Iran

    how it could be then?

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    If it heats up, and there is a military confrontation between Iran and the U.S. it will be another Iraq times ten. It is very serious, but only if Bush $ Cheney attack Iran. Saber rattling aside the U.S. cannot accept a nuclear weapon in Iranian hands. The war in the Middle East is going to get a whole lot bloodier if Iran doesn't cave on it's nuclear program. So far, it appears headed for all out war.

    Yeah, it's very serious.

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    Lets just get some things straight shall we?

    Iran has not ATTACKED any nation in the last hundred years or so. Compare that with America and how many wars they've fought/been involved in or how many strikes they've carried out.

    Israel has nukes, and therefore there is a gross inbalance in the region. Nukes arent weapons when both sides have them, they are only detterents. If you knew you'd get nuked back, would you nuke that nation.

    The so-call anti-Israel remarks of Irans president are all unbelievable lies and/or misinformation. This is truly a shocking point. Irans president didnt actually these things like "Israel should be wiped off the map", etc. but the words have been taken out of context. See here:

    We are going through this disgusting cycle of lies and deceit, just as was spat in our faces with Iraq's non-existant WMDs, the 45 minute threat, etc. PURE BLATANT LIES. And the scary thing is, some people are already falling for the lies on Iran!!

    Israel is just as hostile to Iran as vice-versa. Has Iran ever attacked Israel? No. But Israel would be more than happy to strike at Iran.

    We have seen N. Korea HAVE the bomb. But noone gives a flying ferret...why? So N Korea have the bomb, declare it to the world, flash it around while, Iran insists it doesnt, some anaylsts say they have some years to go to get it, yet we are all umping on the bandwagon to attack Iran. The reason is Israel!! Israel has nothing to fear from a nuclear N Korea, so no action taken, but it thinks it has much to fear over a non-nuclear Iran. This is the work of Israeli lobbying in the US (AIPAC) up

    Oh, less I forget, Iran = Oil

    If you only read up, you too will see how we are all being fed PROPAGANDA, blatant propaganda to justify another bloodbath...

    Please see:

    Source(s): Wake up people, you dont want more blood on your hands!
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    Iran is a sovereign nation. It's a serious situation but unless they use whatever weapons they possess in a hostile manner their sovereignty should be honored. Would you like some other country to dictate what your country is allowed to do and not do? Pre-emptive strikes are wrong. Yes, some people may die if Iran chooses the path of conflict...but at least then the world would be against Iran...not just a single nation.

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    Iran is one of the more moderate (religiously speaking) of the Muslim countries, and it is being led by an increasingly dangerous man...a bad combination for the rest of the world...we must take it very seriously...if the United States and its allies manage to alienate moderate Muslims worldwide with comments/statements like "Islamofascism" and a "Holy War", rogue statesmen will have more power against a biased and lying regime...

    see WMD in Iraq and troops in Afghanistan, compared with no retaliations against Saudi Arabia for their citizens (15) who participated in the 9/11 attacks

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    I think that Bush should have sat down with Iran months and months ago rather than wasting time, effort, and tax payers money by going to the UN and trying to push though all of these threatening Sanctions - that have turned out worthless because the President of Iran is ignoring them!

    Let Iran have its Peaceful Nuclear Energy Policies!

    If they start making Nukes with them it only takes a couple of seconds to level the country and make it a glass parking lot!

    I do not think that we have to get involved in the Problem just because the Jews in Israel feel threatened!

    As long as the Jews keep acting like Nazis in the treatment of their neighbors - they deserve to be taken out! - and Sooner or later some country - or Jesus Christ will do it!

    Lo Siento!

    Source(s): a realist!
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    I would take this threat very serious. Iran is a Islamic Nation, with a hatered for America and Israel. Could it be because we are a democracy? He, the President has a itch and he dying to scatch. Our second Naval Carrier is now in the sea just in case Iran try to destroy Israel or the U.S.A.

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    We didn't take BinLaden serious in pre 9-11. We need to take Iran serious. They have openly made threats and vowed to destroy Israel and the US in rallies of thousands. Yet the Democrats don't want to do anything but play their games. Without the leadership of Bush the Democrats would let the Arabs commit genecide within the US and find a way to justify it.

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    4 years ago

    I see what you advise - yet she is being curiously utilized by utilising the Iranian government with the photos and the letter that became into released - they could have desperate that became into to take place, no longer her, rapidly springing up huge media coverage. Plus - i'm no longer able to hardly undergo in strategies females ever being pronounced while there is information with regard to the army - its as though they do no longer seem to be there in any respect, while they do, and continuously have, performed a needed area in the armed forces.

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    Before you worry about Iran's nuclear capabilities, it may be best to look at the US nuclear stockpile, and the fact that as they take a stand against any and every nation that even hints at nuclear development, the US is in the process of replacing all of its own nuclear warheads with new modern more effective WMD. I say it is time to worry about ALL nations with nuclear capabilities, and to realize that the only way we can ever stop worrying about it, is to insist that our leaders sit down and find a way to make peace. They seem to have no problems finding ways to hate and kill each other, so they should be able to negotiate peace. Unfortunately the history of mankind tends to support our worries about nuclear warfare. It is time for each one of us on the planet, regardless of race, religion, gender, or beliefs, to take a long hard look at ourselves, and resolve to live only for peace. Do not support politicians who support killing, in any name they put forth as a battle cry.

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