irregular periods and ttc?

So I have had crazy periods for the past 4 months. they were not there or they showed up weeks after they should have. my doc put me on progesterone. I started doing research to find out what could help regulate my cycles naturally. i heard ovulex and fertailaid, but people were complaining left and right that it was a rip off and at $50 that was crazy. there was a suggestion to use vitex(chasteberry tree) and so i took it every day for the rest of my cycle. and i ovulated on day 16 i was so happy. had sex, didn't really expect anything, because it ususally takes about 3 mnts to get it right. low and behold my boobs were crazy sore and i couldn't sleep at all. I said screw it and took the test and there was a plus sign. Any of you with irregular period try it. it is $10 dollars and good for a long time. it can regulate your cycle, which is the first step to the patter of little feet. good luck to all of you...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    this is the first none question that I've read,lol. Thanx for the advise.

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