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I downloaded lime wire and i downloaded a song i just need help on putting them on my Pod Nano?

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    thats easy...jsut open up limewire and itunes. Click on the song u want and then click on it again but hold the mouse button down. drag it into the itunes library and Tada! Your done! Its pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

    hope i helped

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    Here is advice:

    * Open up windows media player, do a search for music (type in the file name of the limewire music) add it to your windows media player music. Then go to Itunes and download your media player music to your itunes library, then onto your IPOD

    * Buy the songs you want, load them into your computer with XP OS, then follow the instructions for loading them into your Ipod.

    * Easy. In iTunes, go to the 'add file' or 'add folder' tab (under 'file'). From there, take where limewire stores the files (although I have a creative zen, it's the same- and mine is under the title of 'stored' under program files, limewire, stored.) When I had an ipod, it often took a few seconds for iTunes to convert the songs to their own format, but it was more than easy enough. Once your song has downloaded go to the file where it has gone to then right click and go to cut. open up the ipod tunes file and paste. Read ipod instuctions to download the ipod file (You have to have a windows 2000 or XP). If you don't know where the song has gone once it has downloaded the play the song on windows media player and right click then go to properties and it will tell you where it is stored.

    * Import the mp3 files into your iTunes library and updated the iPod from there. That is the easiest way. You go into iTunes and select File->Add Files (I think) and find where LimeWire put the mp3 (usually in Shared folder), then hit "open" and you should be good from there.

    * You can download any format that the iPod can read. Normally most songs are in .mp3 format so the majority you will be able to play. However, you don't transfer the songs from Limewire to the iPod, but get the songs from Limewire and transfer than via iTunes.

    * Yet another way which is very easy is to first have both the Limewire and iTunes Windows open. Simply select the downloaded song or songs (Hold Ctrl and click on each song for multiple songs) in limewire, left-click and hold and drag your cursor over the minimized itunes window at the bottom (Don't release button yet!). When ituens opens take your cursor over your Library or any playlist and then release the click. The songs should then drop into that library or playlist. Finally sync your ipod with iTunes.

    * Easy transfer the songs onto Apple itunes

    * This used to work with my iPod I've tried it recently and it hasn't worked but I've since installed a newer version of Windows Media Player. you first have to transfer the songs to the media player (windows): clic library, then go to the add button, search computer- documents/settings/user/shared. Now transfer to iTunes- File, add folder, documents/settings/user/shaered, then once the files are in the iTunes Library update iPod. If it doesn't work like i said it used to work for me but not with the newer version i guess (odd) Good Luck, i'm still trying (i'm considering getting an MP3 player!)

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