Antiques? the mark "Paul UX" on porc. Figurine with made in occupied Japan.?

its shaped like a small vase with a man on the side maybe victorian style.

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    Go to the library and look it up in one of the Marks and signatures books they have in the antiques section...

    There are millions of makers marks and hundreds in Japan and thousands in China.

    Mostly, they mean the maker or the store that carried that specific ware or type of piece.

    They average in value anywhere from $4.00 to into the high hundreds...

    Many of these things were English Imports because England was the first country to successfully come close to the Asian way of making perfect porcelain and after WWII. Things flooded out of these countries as trade items and crafts to boost the economy of a war torn country.

    It sounds to me that it may have been a French piece, either made in Asia and Painted in France or the other way around as that was also a common process believe it or not.

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    4 years ago

    Figurines Made In Occupied Japan

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