Any advice on traveling in Thailand with a toddler?

I will be in Chiang Mai for 1 month and a bit of travel after that. My son will be 15 months then.

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    Don't sell him, no matter how great the offer (or the temptation).

    Seriously, LOTS of sunscreen on the little guy, and don't try to do too much in a day. Try to keep him on as normal a sleep schedule as you can, considering the time change. He'll probably be really cranky for a few days until he gets used to it. Also, talk to your doc about any vaccinations he might advise before you go, and about any other concerns you may have related to his overall health and bodily comfort (flying is often hard on little ears, not to mention that a flight of that length is BORING...I honestly don't know how you're going to get through that part of it without him driving other passengers bonkers). Nutrition may be an issue worth discussing, too, as well as what to do if he gets sick.

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    Chiangmai weather is cooler than in Bangkok. It should be pleasant for most part of the year, so you need not worry too much about the heat.

    Within the city, there are pavements though not the best for pram. But seeing that your toddler is about 15 months old, you will probably be piggy-backing him around a fair bit, so this should be ok.

    Take the tuktuk for travel. Should be fine for 2 of you.

    If you can look for car rental with driver. This will help to ease your travel.

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    I am sure you will both be fine. Chiang Mai is geared up for tourists and Thai will love children and he will be adored by many people who come to greet you.

    The remote country and forested areas are more a concern, the facilities will be quite basic, you also need to take advice on Malaria and mosquito protection.

    Thailand is cheap for living and the coach and train fares are very reasonable. There are so many roadside food stalls and places to eat, it is possible to get noodles and rice any time of day.

    I am not sure if your in a hotel or guesthouse, try looking it up with Lonely Planet or Rough Guide otherwise look on

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    your shouldn't have too many problems. it may be a problem with food depending on what he is used to eating and be toilet trained.

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