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Aren't you glad Gerard Way dyed his hair black again?

I am, it was nice he liked his whitish hair but I like it BLACK. Another question. Is his hair natuarally black or does he just dye it black alot or is it brown like mikey's natural color?

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    I'm not sure what color it is naturally, and I hadn't heard that he dyed it black again, but yeah. It looked cuter black and loooong.

    Although, every time I try to tell him that, he just gets this expression on his face that looks like he's about to slap me. So, I let it go. ^.^

    (//_^) The resident emo!

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    Can I ask you something.....Does it matter what his hair looks like? Did it ever take away from his talent, and contribution to MCR? I didn't think so. It's just hair, WHY is it such a big deal? Do you think he talks to the guys about what color our hair is? I dont think so, he doesn't care about our hair. So why do you care about his?

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    oh god yes!!! I first saw him in the Helena video and fell in love.

    When he dyed his hair,I was like ,WHY!!!!!

  • Jim F
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